Chibok Abduction: Nigeria’s Military Was Fore-warned – Amnesty

Nigeria’s military had advanced warning of the April 14 attack by Boko Haram that led to the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls but failed to take immediate action, according to human rights watchdog, Amnesty International.

“Damning testimonies gathered by Amnesty International reveal that Nigerian security forces failed to act on advance warnings about Boko Haram’s armed raid on the state-run boarding school in Chibok which led to the abduction,” the group said.

Amnesty said it had verified the information about the abduction with “credible sources”.

“Amnesty International has confirmed … that Nigeria’s military headquarters in Maiduguri was aware of the impending attack soon after 7pm on 14 April, close to four hours before Boko Haram began their assault on the town,” the group said.

The military however could not assemble the troops needed to suppress the attack, “due to poor resources and a reported fear of engaging with the often better-equipped” Islamists, according to Amnesty.

The 17 army personnel based in Chibok were overpowered by the attackers and had to retreat, the London-based group added.

“The fact that Nigerian security forces knew about Boko Haram’s impending raid, but failed to take the immediate action needed to stop it, will only amplify the national and international outcry at this horrific crime,” said Netsanet Belay, Amnesty International’s Africa Director for research and advocacy.


  1. Only God can judge. If there hv no entervation y cann’t there told my sisters to depart from the school b4 this bloody act took place. 4 the next result, any body behind this devilish act most be expose. U think u can play with God. Stupid human being as u are, u really mice up by God grace.

  2. Only God knows, & He alone can jugde! but, if it’s true that they (d Army)are aware, but yet ignored; then may God punish whoever is responpsible of failure 2 take action. y troubling d whole world by allowing this? & y disgracing chibok? God hv mercy

  3. truth is always bitter boko boys and Nigeria government they know them selves because before those kidnappers arrive how many jtf checking point are there ,before you pass to the school. about five years now their playing politics with innocent life.


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