Chibok Abduction: One Million People Have Signed Petitions – Gordon Brown

Former UK Prime Minister and UN Special Envoy on Education, Mr. Gordon Brown, has announced that one million people have now signed petitions, and a month from now, on June 16, the International Day of the African Child, there will be vigils in every continent of the world for the 200 plus schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram.

“In 20 countries, young people will take over national parliaments to highlight the girls’ fate – and that of the 57 million other children who cannot go to school,” he said.

In a statement issued at the weekend, Brown said the Nigerian government and the country’s citizens deserve the fullest international support in tackling terrorism, noting: “They have been victims of a massive but under-reported effort by a few extremists to split the country.

“Two weeks ago, in Abuja, Boko Haram bombed and killed dozens. In the past four years, the group’s attacks on Nigerians have taken more than 4,000 lives, including 171 teachers massacred in separate incidents in Borno State. Only two months ago, seven teachers were assassinated, and their family members, including wives and children, were abducted.

“None of us can stand by and endlessly witness schools shut down, girls cut off from education, and parents living in fear for their daughters’ lives.

“Those who murder or abduct children should be made aware that international authorities will punish them. And, while we cannot end terrorism overnight, we can show determination to stand up to it by making schools safe. Every child is precious, and every child deserves the right to learn.”

He added that under the Safe Schools Initiative launched during the World Economic Forum on Africa, the promoters led by Nigerian businessmen plan to rebuild the girls’ own school in Chibok and to make the roughly 5,000 schools in northern Nigerian safe from terrorist attacks.

However, he said in the short term, Nigeria needs to make its schools safer and more secure from terrorist attacks, and a safe-schools plan is being created by the Nigerian authorities to ensure that girls no longer fear going to school in the country’s six North-east states.

“Guards, fortifications, and communications equipment must be installed. And, in the longer term, the authorities must craft a new plan to educate Nigeria’s ten million out-of-school girls and boys,” he said.


  1. Thanks to the entire uorld and d UK and prime minister Gordon B.for their concern and support over d lives of d people of africa as uell as to d abducted school chibok girls along side d entire people in Nigeria n their safety.There’s no easier uay to combact internal terrorism than be ready to pump in sincerely sufficient fund by d federal govt to tackle security issues in d country. Inviting developed countries to help is not bad but to fight terrorist by exchanging bullets and grinades,is not enough,not d best n makes no complete sense at all.
    These terrorist are ghost fighters.So hou do u identify them. That’s squashing of funds uneccesorily.Instead Y don’t invite one of d uorlds best internal security companies to support in mounting d CC TV like in all over every corners in d UK.Y trying to secure d people of Nigeria,better uise steps should be taking not just by spending money to combact d invisible ghost terrorist but to make sure d bastard are brought to justice. Hou do u archive this great goal to battle out terrorism and keep ur people and ur country safe from terrorist harassing and vanderlizing ur economy is to first stabilize ur light. This is d number one measure to battle terrorism. Uith out light d CC TV(cameras)can’t function. Hou many terrorist have ever succeded in d uk and get free so easy? Non. Uith d help of d CC TV d britons have their rest of mind over the security on their children. So the nigerian leaders as uell as other african leaders should imitate country like d UK and their security CC TV and spend their money uisely by stabilizing their light and planting enough CC TV. To strengthen their security uith stable light to operate the CC TV is their only n best method to tackle this gravy issues of terrorism n keep d continent,the countries and their people safe from terrorist attack especially in schools. There are d future leaders of these nations among those boko haram victims .Africa stand up and face ur challenges properly as uise and strong leaders should do to protect their people. Non of these african leaders lack d CC TV for the protection of their household n their personal interest. So knouing the importance of d CC TV, Y don’t they start planting them quickly all over their cities for d safety of their people,especially d young n poor that can’t even protect themselves. Please Mr President Jonathan,hasting up planting d CC TV is Ur best solution.