CHIBOK CRAZE: A Possible Blessing in Disguise


Just before you start insulting the writer and casting slurs on the message of this article, take a deep long breath, relax, and don’t be in a rush to make your inferences with a sealed mind. However, if you are a ‘strong but blind’ proponent of the GEJ administration, this might be a good point to stop reading as I can’t guarantee that you would be impressed in your journey through this piece; a product of unbiased critical thinking.
In the year 2011, King Jonathan was enthroned, and consequently Boko Haram (which has been operating as far back as 2009) intensified its operations which basically entailed bombing and shooting of videos and bullets, but people had not woken up this much to the lethal reality until recently, after the double blasts at Nyanya, and then the CCC (Callous Chibok Crisis) which has undoubtedly drawn the heaviest global attention to Nigeria since the Boko animals started their criminal activities.
In my honest opinion, I think our frustrated combat soldiers have given their near-best under a clueless, corrupt and lackadaisical government, being equally troubled by the presence of strategically-positioned bugs in the military system itself, as the President once claimed there are moles in his government. Mutiny looms in our ‘Defence systems’ as these military fighters are not only devoid of motivation, tired of unnecessarily losing co-fighters, but are also annoyed, partly due to misleading commands from anonymous ‘Ogas at the top’ and the nonchalance of their commanding officers who are too busy ‘eating money’ as said by one soldier. This is a betrayal of loyal soldiers and I really hope their patience and endurance is not stretched beyond reasonable limits.
So where does this bring us? There’s an urgent need for external support; foreign intervention that will bully terrorism based on the experience of 1st world countries with adequate intelligence-gathering methods, aside their advanced weapons of war. Some people have been skeptical about foreign aids for reasons based on funny conspiracy theories which would not be discussed within the circumference of this write-up. This (foreign aid) has always been an option for our government but they have refused to explore it, until ‘Chibok’ happened and the pressured concern from the international community finally made the FG swallow their pride and call for assistance.
Following claims by the critics of the Jonathanian administration that the President should have called for help before the insurgency waxed stronger, Reno Okiri, in a shallow attempt to defend his boss, released a statement accompanied by a video evidence that Jonathan had called for international help (on Live TV) ‘as far back’ as 2013. Here are two pertinent questions one should ask:
1) Are there no formal ways of requesting for military intervention other than just saying so on TV? That whole drama was a façade as far as I’m concerned. Do you set up meetings with world leaders through the media? President Obama claimed he had suggested they intervene few months back to which GEJ responded, ‘We’re on top of the situation’.
2) Is the year 2013 (last year) that far back compared to the time when it became obvious that our fighting men were no match for the highly obsessed and well-funded terrorists? ‘It’s a Gorilla war’, Labaran Maku claimed. It’s not something our soldiers are used to. The enemy hits, runs and then hides. In this contemporary world, you need advanced military intelligence and hardware to deal with that kind of shit that has wasted numerous lives, civilian and military alike.
Perhaps if the money given to Asari Dokubo and his gang (who should also be considered a potential threat to the stability of Nigeria) or the millions given by the President to an Israeli firm to spy on every Nigerian online, had been spent on specially training our soldiers and equipping them with better weapons, we would have had some sanity restored in the North.
Anyways, what should have been done is currently being done and when the battle is finally over (soon I hope) and Shekau (ghost or real, as controversy surrounds his death) is being struck with a drone (that’s my wish), the Chibok saga would be viewed as a turning point in the battle against terrorism in Nigeria, thanks to the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. As Nigerians we must raise our voices and let them be heard as we pray and protest. Even when our leaders fail, we must rise to the occasion and the world will support us. GOD bless Nigeria.

Source: A concerned Nigerian

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  • At last nigeria will hear about BOKO BOIS as a thing of the past. Thanks for the assistance render by the international community.

  • A very intelligent one by someone very intelligent,keep it up,we truely need people like you,thanks alot,may the ALMIGHTY protect you.

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