Chibok Girls: We’re Ready To Open Talks With Shekau – FG

boko-haram-jonathanIn what appears like a volte face, the Federal Government has declared its readiness to open talks with Boko Haram for the release of more than 200 abducted schoolgirls, the BBC reports.

The change of heart on the part of government is coming less than 24 hours after the Interior Minister, Abba Moro, ruled out any form of negotiation with the sect.

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau said on Monday that captured girls, who have not converted to Islam can be swapped for his incarcerated ‘brethren’.

Speaking with BBC on Tuesday, Minister for Special Duties, Alhaji Tanimu Turaki said that if Shekau was indeed sincere, he should send representatives for talks.

The girls were abducted April 14 from their hostels in Chibok, Borno State while preparing for their WAEC. However, on Monday, a video emerged showing about 130 of the girls reciting Koranic verses with Shekau announcing that they had converted to Islam.

Turaki – who is chairman of the Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North, said that Shekau should send people he trusts to meet the standing committee on reconciliation.


  1. THE FACT AND CONSPIRACY ABOUT BH Even an objective non-Muslim could see from the text of the mad dog’s (Shekau) message that those messages are not of Islaam. Even the dreaded so-called Al-Qaeda network do not describe Islaam in a such a manner (that Islam is about killing). Boko Haram is child’s play when compared to 911 and the creation of Al-Qaeda network (google ‘truth about al-Qaeda). I watched The Secret of the Seven Sisters last year on al-jazeera and understood how the West can completely destabilize any country because of oil. Don’t we notice that Asari Dokubo and the BH guy’s speeches are similar? An analyst recently suggested that a critical look at the speeches of both thugs shows that they are prepared by the same person. They are only using Islam as a pretence. Their mission is to split Nigeria (using religious and tribal sentiments and GEJ is their agent!) so as to come in as interventionists and take over our oil. Look at Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq and you would see the same thing about to happen in Nigeria. They cannot achieve their mission when there is peace. Remember that they already predicted that the country would split by 2015? They also predicted all these terrorist attacks as far back as 2001 after the 911 affair. From the death of Abiola (with the aim of inciting civil war), to the act of Mutallab and the Nyanya attacks, the CIA knows about every single bit of these events. They have also warned that a major hotel would be bombed in the south soon. How do they always have deep details about BH activities while the combination of Nigerian security agencies are unable to get these details despite having arrested several BH members? Recall that eye witnesses reported that sophisticated choppers were used in dropping expensive food and other items in the BH camps. Is it those dirty, uneducated and jobless youths in the north that could afford that? How come they have perfect organisation and sophisticated armoury? If they truly want to impose Shariah, why are they killing Muslims that already want Shariah? This is the summary of their plan. They wish to gain control of Nigeria’s oil and also curb the increasing influence of China in this region. Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of oil in the world and the 4th or 5th largest supplier of oil to the US. Nigerian oil is of high grade. They wish to gain control of the oil in the south. They cant do this in a peaceful situation. Nigeria is very heterogeneous and there’s some degree of dislike among the ‘muslim north’ and the ‘xtain south’. When there’s civil war and a general state of fear, the country would have to invite other nations as peace keepers. When they come in as peace keepers, they would first secure the oil (note that they still control Iraqi oil despite Saddam’s exit). Unfortunately for them, Nigerians have been very resilient. There has been no war despite the incitements. There is a general stereotype of Muslim extremism through terrorism and the north is predominantly Muslim. So they hijack a group that was treading the extremist line, eliminate their main leaders and take over the name of the group to carry out terror acts. This is intended to cause chaos, fear and hatred towards the Muslims with the ultimate aim of inciting a tribal/religious war and to scare the xtian southerners away from the north. The spate of terror activities needs to accelerate bcos 2015 is just around the corner. The killings will increase in tempo and one or two prominent Muslim, Xtian, northern or southern leader would be killed (probably the president or Buhari!) and that would finally ignite the war. Nigeria is very strategic to US interest and a very important partner in this region, so the US would not wait for the UN and they would come in to secure the oil and the ports. The violence will never stop and they would never leave (note Iraq and Afghanistan). Did you notice the support they have been giving GEJ since his election? They even said his election was freer than June 12! Did you notice that despite the anger and protests against the fuel subsidy removal, the US chose that period to declare a vote of confidence on his govt? Have you noticed that GEJ’s statements and actions always have a religious and ethnic appeal (note endless visits to pastors and recently saying 80% of d Chibok girls are xtians). Do u remember the stunts pulled by Wendel Simlin against Sanusi? They need a foolish and dumb president like GEJ to achieve their goal. Remember that OBJ did not allow them to build their military base on our shores? The list is endless. It is saddening that many Nigerians are easily given to religious and tribal sentiments and people dont sit down to analyse the situation and ask necessary questions. BH kills indiscriminately and do not care about Muslims. Their goal is not religion. They are just a means to an end. Some of the captured BH members could not even recite surah Fatha! Many of them are mercenaries from Chad, Niger and remnants of the Libya uprising. Some overzealous and ignorant Muslim youths in these places are also recruited and brainwashed by pseudo- scholars employed by these people. Do you know that the CIA trains some of its agents as Islamic scholars? Do you know that they could use mind control within a few hours to make an individual carry out a suicide attack? Try and google ‘CIA mind control’. That is what they used on Mutallab. So what should we do as Muslims and Nigerians? We should remain prayerful, vigilant and united. People should be security conscious and raise alarm when you see strange individuals in your locality. We should also enlighten others and let them know that this is not about religion but about our collective safety as citizens of the same nation. I pray that Allah protects us and make these evil people fail in their plan. you may choose to believe all this or discard it as mere conspiracy theory. I pray it remains a theory and may the evil of it never become reality