Church Of Bey Worshipper Commits Suicide In Sacrifice To Beyonce

A 23-year-old American woman committed suicide in sacrifice to the singer Beyonce who she considered “lord and saviour”, Pulse reports.


US music star Beyonce Knowles is not only the singer admired by millions of people from all over the world, but also an object of worship by a group of people, the followers of National Church of Bey.

The newly-made religion is called Beyism. The church counts hundreds of members, who call themselves Divine Divas and consider Bey’s music sacred.

The deceased, Taniya Hattersfield, was reportedly a new member of the church. According to the local media, her dead body was found in the basement of her family home, College Park, Georgia, surrounded by a self-made shrine dedicated to the star.

Taniya’s suicide note read that she made herself a sacrifice to her Beyonce, ‘lord and saviour’.

Incident caused rage among people, who urged the singer to speak against Beyism. However, no reaction is said to have followed.

Meanwhile the church founder claims the number of its followers increases.


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