‘Do Nigerians Know Their Rights?’ Shekau Asks In New Video… Calls Out Jonathan, Obama, Bush

Abubakar ShekauLeader of the Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau has made another video appearance, his second in less than 72 hours, daring the United States and other world powers.

Coming on the heels of international solidarity with Nigeria on the search and rescue of over 200 female students of the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, Shekau, whose group has been designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization, FTO, by the U.S, boasted that none of the world powers could locate his whereabouts, no matter how hard they try.

Besides, he reiterated his threat to attack Abuja – the nation’s capital and refineries, the symbol of Nigeria’s economic power.

In a 56-minute video in which Shekau spoke in Arabic, Hausa, English and Kanuri, the wanted terrorist declared war on those he described as infidels, including Christians.

He also spoke on the fate of the abducted girls, this time, threatening to sell them. Earlier, he had called for a swap arrangement with the Federal Government for detained members of sect.

He said: “I am going to marry all these girls off; you cannot see them again. We will sell them in the market; there is a market where I will sell them.

“If you bring three trillion troops, we will not release the girls. We stand to deal with infidels.

“If they catch me, it does not stop me from what I am doing. They said anybody that catches me will be given $50million. So I am important; Obama and Jonathan are unimportant.

“You are looking for who? It is not a new thing that they are catching children and selling them. It is the owner that puts them in the market.

“We are stronger than America anywhere they are. If you want to defend do so because I am ready.

“Where do you say you will come and look for me? Do you know where I am since all these days?

“You are just searching in vain by looking at every nook and cranny.

“I don’t have a land; anywhere I find myself is my land because all land belongs to God”.

Shekau likened the sect’s campaign to the one being waged in Afghanistan – underlying the Nigerian terrorist group’s affiliations with the globally renowned Al-Qaeda.

He said: “The war we are fighting is like the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is the war against Christians and infidels.

“Those fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Yemen, Mali are my brothers. We will do Jihad. This is my message”.

Shekau also took a swipe at many countries and world leaders including the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, Israel and Italy

He said: “Some of you (like Germany, Russia, China, Italy) think because we do not mention your names, you think we don’t know you people are involved.

“If I catch Jonathan, Obama and others I am going to sell them. Don’t think I am joking. God, you are my witness.

“If you (Obama, Jonathan, others) seek God’s forgiveness, He forgives. He is a merciful God. If you don’t seek forgiveness, I am going to cut you into pieces”.

He went on: “You Jonathan, you are watching me. If you like, go and bring everybody all over the world, you cannot do anything. Bring up human rights issue, you don’t know anything. Do Nigerians know their rights?

“I am the President; there is no President in Nigeria; there is no President in the world. I am the President in Islam and in the world”.

Shekau vowed that the spate of killings by the sect would continue in any part of the country.

He added: “We will kill until we get tired. We will kill all infidels until we get tired. We will kill unbelievers like chicken. We will tie them. We have decided what we will do.

“Any amount let them spend; we will bring this country down. We are stronger than America anywhere they are.

“We will open a killing pool for all those who have insulted us like George Bush, Obama and even Jonathan.

“I pledge to Allah my God to be faithful, loyal and honest. And you to your country. We will know who God will answer between you and I.

“There is no government existing in Nigeria. Do you think you have government?”

On the sect’s recurring attacks on FCT, the Shekau said they would also not ceasefire.

He added: “We are in Abuja, we will cause havoc. We will do Jihad. We are all Abuja residents. Very soon, we will come to Abuja.

“We are going to the refineries. We are going to the unbelievers. We won’t go to your (Jonathan’s) state; we will go to where there are refineries”.

Shekau listed the sect’s grouses against some world powers, including opposition to western education, democracy and recognition of homosexuality.

He said: “The war we are fighting is against democracy, constitution, Christianity and Western Education.

“I don’t have any relationship with Saudi Arabia, they are nothing. They are also unbelievers. I don’t follow white men. I am not going to follow anybody except God. I won’t have any relationship with anybody than God.

“You say you want to use democracy to cheat us or to deceive us. You are talking of government of the people by the people for the people. I am talking of the government of Allah by the Allah for the Allah

“What is the essence of allowing a female to marry a female? I don’t understand what they are saying. They said it is about freedom which I do not understand”.


  1. troughly the man has gone mad he thinks as if he creat himself and others that is why he think he can kill angbody angtime but the gods are wortching.

  2. You fool, do u know who Allah is? Do u think u ar doing Allah’s work? Do u think Allah know u? U listing, Allah don’t know u, u ar working 4 ur blood sucking Allah and u don’t know who is Almighty Allah. U have a mouth 2 say what ever u want, but time shall tell. Devil may help u to mastermind all u uterred, but u will be held responsible 4 their blood b4 Allah. On dat day u will know dat, u waist ur time following the directives of ur father devil and not of Allah. Bcos Allah will not and neva send anyone 2 kill on his behave, He is the giver and taker of life. And if He want 2 kill, He will do it Himself n not with the help of an inbesel, infidel, useless and animal like u (bokoharam). Allah is above the help of anyone takless of ur unwanted help. Even in our Muslem doom, we never expect 2 have an animal dat will reach 2 dis extend. Pls our brothers (Christians) don’t think as if this animals ar Muslems, NO they ar NOT, they ar cultist dat suck blood, MUSLEMS who died in their hands ar more dan 70% of the dead in Nigeria. So let join head and pray dat Allah will cause Earthqueck swalow and eliminate them all.

  3. Bulshit talk shekau is a rat , useless fellow, that got no sense. talking out of point. If have you strength come out and fight.why displaying ur empty threat.goodluck, obama and the rest are walking freely. why do u stay hiding if you can do what you have said come out and display ur talent fool.

  4. Shekau is indeed Crazy. My question for him is ‘wich scripture does he follow?…..if he says Qur’an,wer in Qur’an is it stated 2carry out such in human act,killin innocent soul,kidnappin innocent children. If he is bold as he usually say, y is he hidin,y nt com out. Foolish being. Ur end is near just lik dat of ur 1st leader ‘Muhammad Yusuf’ mitchew

  5. With all theswe coming from Shekau. I think he now has psychosis. He is not human again. There may not be any need to negotiate with him again but to take all possible actions to free the girls. The western powers should swing into action with little delay.

  6. Praise God oh Nigerian and the entire world, the Bible said that “to everything under the sun, there is time,a time to live and a time to die”, God just harden Abubakar Shekau’s heart for his glory. Don’t be dismay,who is he? Where are these kings of terror(Nebukadrenazza, pharoah of Igypt, Goliath just to mention) of old this day. When God will arise the earth will tremble wit him. God have only one day for him and his cohorts.

  7. Please who is submitting these videos to nigeria? Since they said they don’t know his way about. . Some videos can be editted oooo.. who submit it on his behalf?

    • Are u a scientist? NO… Terrorist videos are made public through satellite interference if u understand what i mean…,,, thats why CNN , ALJAZERA and co had a better video clip than our local stations here. Hope u re cleared….

  8. God will deliver u (Abubakar Shekau) up to the hand of ur captors this day and the birds of the air and wild beast will eat u up,ur day is at hand !!

  9. May God save us from the evil ones. I am happy nigerians are seing the truth now. Shekau is not a muslem and can never be. Our christian fellows remember the old days we have been together and shall always be together. This is a war waged againts us all so lets join hands together and continue praying for peace and harmony in our beloved country. May Almighty God see us through.


  11. Man shekau or what is your name u are just so foolish to be calling ALLAH,IF You know you are strong please come out and fight and let see, not even militaries or armies just nigerians alone just a single man like you will finish you.empty brain makes the loudest noise.u are finished already.

  12. To my own perspective. F.G. must not release the captured terrorist. Because, if they do WE’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING BEFORE IN THE COUNTRY. THEN,VIOLENCE WILL THEN ESCALATE IN THE COUNTRY. I pray that Almighty God help.

    But as regard this fool he will surely accosts the wrath of Allah. Bcs he created us from Nutfa (semen or sperm)which during that time we are powerless. He has power to do anything to us. Shakhau will surely accosts the wrath of Allah.

  13. Shekau, the Almighty Allah whose name and religion you are soiling expose you and deliver you into the hands of Nigerian soldiers this day, insha Allah

  14. Hey fine boy Shekau, u see that the first three letter is (she) so you have no pawer of your own. Just so foolish to call the name of ALLAH. If you know that you are for ALLAH then come out ang fight,if you will see that you can win the war. Just try and see if you can win the war, you are just like Goliath. you know the story of Goliaht, just a little boy that put down Goliath. You this fools,goat

  15. People who think thay are greater than God,are people that said they can fight 4 God.shekau,davil cover with human sking.the blood u have pured is on u and ur generation.this is a political war,these man is being sporsoned by all these high and rich politican.where DO he bring what he use in feeding 200 girls including his member all these days.since boombing became the order of day,have abubakar said a single word over that?our girls are kignapp,do we hear anything from that past presedent called abubakar on the way these girls can be saved?NO.

  16. anytin dat as a begining, as it’s end.(SHEKAU) ur end time has come by God grace on whatever u says n feel like ur”e. God is in control u can never suck an innocent blood n live in holy, enesly u’ll b judge by (God).

  17. he should not come out to fight,but God should eliminate him from this earth, bcos he may come out be killing again including foreign army

  18. Shekau u tink u re untop of de world, let me tel u somtin, u re jst lik a niddle in de hands of our creator, God is jst giving u tym 2 do ur devilish wrk, except am NT serving a 2ru God if NT bet me b4 de end of dis year ur body wil be smashed by a little guy. Hu told u Allah is Hapi wit u? Above all may de gud lord open ur eyez 2 c wat u re doin and repent b4 de trumpet sound.

  19. U shekau or watever, u are not ur cteator .
    Rember pharo and nuchadnezza, they wher mor
    Powerfull than u, but God dealt with them

  20. shekau Go and find out those who dear the children of God in the bible days how they ended they life journey. God is the same yesterday, today and forever so mr. allah’s fighter you are fighting a lost battle is only a matter of time. There is noway evil will overcome goodness. Jonathan has done you no evil the only crime He committed against you is that he is a christian and a southerner. A day will come when you will look at urself in the mirror if you have the privileged to use one and will you not recognize the image you see.

  21. My prayer is that if man cannot locate you but God the Almighty will surly locate you and arrest you, change you name as he did to apostle paul. repent from your evil ways for it will not do you any good but rather will bring eternal suffering to ur soul

  22. Islam is the major problem and this guy is a good muslim who follows the footsteps of mohamed the blood sucking prophet,see quran 8:12,most ofvthe verse in quran are based on violence like.killing and blood sheilding,slavery,sex,

  23. I jus wish d real Allah will open dis man’s spiritual eyes 2 see were Osama n his suicide cohorts are. May God help u

  24. this is the Beginning of the end, if actually is shekau that is making this utterances. and if he is not the one, then some other groups that are happy with his action are into this write ups let them join him b4 its too late so that the same water should carry them. after all there is still vacancy in sambisa forest. u can contact Aminu Ogwuche the runaway animal.

  25. Dis guy is seriously out of his mind. He’s been brain-washed and his end is come for sure!
    What a fool he is to claim to work for God!!

  26. Fearful roaring lion we ar waiting for yu.any kpam in south or east ,humm yu wil even kil yur fellow Muslim whn dey wil return T der state alive ND dead. Yu talk as if yu ar stronger DN pain,we ar in SAtelite to watch ur members in telescope wh wnt to carri out attack.yu wil c latter DT north makes mistake by selling der Bprice to yu whn we enter 2nd term. Mugu,mumu,Atiku, buhari.if yu wnt to live long,tel me if sun shine d say of ur birth ?ur Alla is a big silt. Idiot go nd swindle yu islamist pples.

  27. This guy doesn’t know what he want…that makes it a ploy by Northern politicians to distabilize the country because of Jonathan.He doesn’t talk sense,what do they want if i may ask?

  28. Ganstar and ada should stop saying rubbish about Allah,islam and d holy quran if they don’t want Allah’s wrath on their heads. There is no such chapter/verse in quran that encourages violence nor terrorism. U ganstar should also go and read d song of solomon and see for urself all d nonsense written there. Shekau has made it so clear dat he’s not even a muslim by commiting all these atrocities and calling saudi where d islam originated unbelivers. So let all nigerians unite and fight this parasitic animal dat call itself boko haram under d guise of islam. People should mind their hereafter and stop passing adultrated comments about an issue they know nothing about.

  29. Do you have to kill innocent people to fight for your right?. Are there no more decent ways to make your greviances known to the government.? Allah is watching you.

  30. audience I expect to differentiate between Islam and MUSLIM boko haram is far far from islam it’s a proxy of outside to condemn Islam okkkk should I consider d rubish deed of other christian to misconcept christanity even d christian,mafia ,knows Qur’an bcause d use it to to do wat ever dey want for example in mafia temple dey human write some chater upside down and Allah accept there deed and dey are going b punish and boko haram some dem now are illiterate some Christian caught in kano ploting blomb can’t u consider muslim are too much in all over d world but israel are small nowaday BOKO HARAM IT’S A PROXY OF OUTSIDE


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