For Wives – 7 Ways of Turning Your Husband On

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1) Talk to Him!
When some man is really good lover, he knows that the thing that makes him being a good lover is that he tries in every way possible to please his partner. So, tell him what you want, tell him what to do, what pleases you, and he will gladly do it. This is a mistake common to a lot of girls, they just expect the guy to know what she likes, and they never talk about it. But, everyone likes differrent things, so tell us what you like.

2) Change the Schedule!
If you have some time during the day when you have sex – change it! Otherwise, it will become a habit, and in the long run – you’ll be bored! So, change the time or locations, anything!

3) Take Over Control!
Usually, men are the ones who are who are more active in bed, meaning that they are „doing all the work“ or suggesting different things, or simply said, having the control. So, surprise your partner by taking over control. Suggest something that you would like to do, or just take his hand and show him what you want him to do. You will recieve positive response, for sure.

4) Missionary Position – NOT!
Spice up your sex life with different and new positions that you can do. You can use your imagination to come up with something new, but if you prefer to be sure that you’re making the right choice – there is always good fashion Kamasutra, or even a mobile app that can send you new position every day. So, will you use ancient wisdom, or new technology, it’s up to you, just bring something new to your bedroom. Plus, bedroom is not the only place where you can make love.

5) Motivate Him!
If he comes back home tired from work, he will probably not be in the mood for making love, but to sleep. So, motivate him. Let him have some rest, and then surprise him with some new sexy lingerie, or have hot bath together, blindfold him and take him to the bed, or some other romantic or sexy surprise. You’ll see that his mood will completely change.

6) Please his Eyes!
No matter that evey man has 5 sences, vision is the dominant one. So, being visual, man can be easily stimulated if they see something sexy. So, use this, and show him how confident, sexy, attractive and beautiful you are, and he won’t be able to resist you

7) Old Flames!
Every couple has some story related to sex. Is it some special location, or the circumstances, or that sex was that good, it doesn’t matter. Remind him on that, wake up his memories of those moments, and he will be back in the same mood as then. Maybe show him your bikini photos from the vacation, or something else that matters to you. And follow it by this sentence: Do you remember when…? He will remember, and he will give you another night to remember.



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