Gay South African “Artist” to Pay € 1000 Fine for Rooster-Manhood Dance

Paris, France – A gay 51-year-old South African artist has been found guilty by a Paris court of sexual exhibitionism.


In September, Steven Cohen was arrested after staging a “performance” in front of the Eiffel tower. He wore minimum clothes, a feathered head piece, high platform shoes, and had a rooster tied to his penis by a leash. He was apprehended by the police after dancing for about ten minutes.

The court ordered that the artist who identifies himself as a “white gay Jewish South African man” pay a €1000 ($1,390, N220,323) fine.

Cohen has described his act as a form of sex-unrelated art.

photo - Gay South African "Artist" to Pay € 1000 Fine for Rooster-Penis Dance
Source: AFP