Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Okoro Shuns Iyanya at The Ghana Music Awards

Yvonne o and Yvonne N

At the recently concluded Ghana Music Awards, Nigerian/Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Okoro was reluctant to dance with ‘Your waist’ crooner, Iyanya.

Reports have it that it is as a result of how the singer handled his relationship with Ghanaian star actress, Yvonne Nelson. After some awards were given out, it was Iyanya’s turn to perform and while performing his hit song, Your Waist, he invited Yvonne Okoro to join him on stage and ‘wind her waist’.

But to his surprise, the pretty and voluptuous actress declined and was heard whispering to close friends that if Iyanya should get close to her, she would give him a resounding slap.


She reportedly said:



‘Look at this fool. So he thinks Ghanaian actresses are playthings for him. Let him come close to me and I will land him a dirty slap.’

As much as Iyanya kept urging her to join him, she declined and when the shame was becoming to much for him, she reportedly got up reluctantly and joined him just for a few minutes  before she went off the stage.

Lol..I don’t Know why Iyanya was ‘looking for trouble’……..


  1. Y did she nw go n dance…biko all dose tinz wey she d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ tlk na lie which kain slap…if she’s a woman of her word no matter hw embaracing it bcum 4 d guy she wnt dance…attention seeker oshi

  2. Good for iyanya, all this musicians the feel women are toys the can just use when ever the see them.
    Every one wants to be a musician, just to be getting attention from girls.
    Naija musicians are useless and that’s why I choose jazz. The are a treat to our upcoming generation all the leave behind is bad impressions and bad story for their kids and family

  3. I think this is what happens everywhere in the social circle. I think she has biff for Yanyan which they should pls try and sort cos dis isn’t righ.

  4. I understand her, coz Inyanya was so childish in his relationship with Yvonne Nelson, how he rode her like a jangolova and all that stuff. Real men don’t kiss and tell

  5. Dat MUMU Ghana actress dey Mad!..She dare nigerian music star,Our Precious Iyanya?She must be stupid 4 such a silly Act!


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