Girl Has Giant Tumour Weighing FOUR POUNDS Removed From Her Face


A 15-year-old girl has undergone a mammoth 12-hour operation to have a giant tumour weighing FOUR POUNDS removed from her face.

Hennglise Dorvial underwent the gruelling surgery in Virginia after the procedure was organised by Operation Smile, a charity.

Operation Smile helps arrange treatment for children from poor countries with cleft lip and palate deformities.

One of the surgeons who removed the tumour was Dr William McGee, the charity’s CEO. He said it was the largest tumour he had ever removed.

Hennglise’s tumour, which is benign, began as a tiny pea-sized dot in her nose, called a ameloblastoma.

Her treatment through the charity was paid for in the main by businessman Larry O’Reilly, who met her during a trip the Haiti.


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  • Am really happy for Hennglise. Thank God for successful surgery, wish her post surgery pitures will be posted, so we can see how she really looks now.

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