I’m Pregnant for Ex, Should I Tell My Fiance [Advice Needed]

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A young girl has made a mistake and now regrets it. Is it better to say the truth and face the consequences, or cover the lie with more lies for the “better good”?


I am a 23-year-old girl, about to marry a man I truly love. About five years ago, I ended  a quite painful relationship, and my husband-to-be helped me to get over it. We started as friends, but gradually fell in love and grew to appreciate one another. Eventually, he proposed to me and I gladly agreed to be his wife.

Our wedding’s due in September. We haven’t had sex so as to consummate our relationship on our first night together. Although neither I nor him are virgins, we agreed to wait until after our marriage.

All was going well, until I ran into my ex about two months ago. Long story short, we met up, had a few drinks and ended up in his apartment. Recently, I found out I’m pregnant. Neither I nor my ex want to continue our affair, and I feel terribly guilty.

The million naira question is: do I tell my fiancee of my one-night stand, or do I seduce him and make it appear the baby is his?

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  1. Pls tell your fiancee the whole truth, and ask for forgiveness from GOD ALMIGHTY, cos GOD is the only one that can forgive you, and don’t try to abort the baby,cos it may be the only child you will have on this planet earth, ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST HAS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, OLD THINGS HAVE PASS AWAY AND EVERYTHING WILL BECOME NEW FOR YOU, IF YOU CAN CONFESS YOUR SIN TO GOD AND YOUR FIANCEE, READ (2 TIMOTHY 1:7) GOD BE WITH YOU.

  2. Hmm this is a serious matter in fact she really made a Big mistake but what I think she should is that if she truly loves her new husband she need to told him about her past and what she’s facing now and if her husband doesn’t need her anymore and she will now go ahead with her Ex

  3. Beebzlook u made a huge mistake.d guy u slept with is not worth it so if u truely care about ur fiancé u better tell him d truth now b4 it is 2late. Dnt do any other tin cause u will b adding more 2ur problems. U fucked up so do d right tin by telling him d truth and make tins right. If u wnt listen 2other pple telling u 2abort or lie 2him…d burden will b fully on u…cause @ d end ur problem is ur problem no one can take dat 4rm u.this is not my business but am advicing u cause am a girl lyk u ow…stop bitching around and do the right thing…I cnt advice u by telling I wat u wnt 2here so am being plain blank… Finally, I hope dat after all dis u will make d right decision and I pray it is far better than d one I evn offerd bt not worst cause evn though I dnt no u…I will b more disappointed dan hw I felt wen I read abt u and found out u wnt back 2sleep with ur fiancé evn while engaged…

  4. you should abort d pregnancy If is not yet matured,because you may end up losing the two guys if you upon up to your new guy. $ ur formal guy may tell you dat d pregnancy is not his if he is aware dat you’re having an external affair .

  5. First of all, ask God to forgive u and that God should give u the grace to approach ur fiance for forgiveness. It is well with u. Amen


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