Irate Mob Set Alleged Baby Kidnapper On Fire In Akure, Ondo

Jungle justice remains as part of daily life in various communities in Nigeria. The latest case was registered in Akure, Ondo State, when an unknown middle-aged man was burnt to death for allegedly kidnapping a baby.

The man, who reportedly pretended to be mad, was dragged to Oja Road, near the Skye Bank building, Adegbola Junction, by some youths from Ayedun quarters. The suspect was badly wounded with dangerous weapons and then set ablaze.

Three mobile policemen attempted to interfere and rescue the suspect, but the youths insisted on killing him. They declared he was “a confirmed kidnapper”. When a patrol van with reinforcements appeared in the area, the policemen could do nothing. The irate mob was unstoppable.

See more photos from the scene of the incident below. WARNING: Graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

kidnapper_burnt_akure2 kidnapper_burnt_akure3


This is not the first case of mobs taking the law “into its own hands” in the past few weeks in Nigeria. A female kidnapper was burnt to death in Lagos on May 6, 2014, Tuesday, while another woman, who pretended to be a lunatic, was set ablaze in Ondo on May 5, 2014, Monday.

Three suspected kidnappers lost their lives in fire after being caught by infuriated residents of Osogbo, Ogun State, on April 25, 2014.



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