Jim Iyke Releases Press Statement: ‘Nadia and I are Still Together, It’s Normal For Lovers To Disagree.’

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Sometimes we can’t really tell if some of the news we hear are for real or just media stunts…It can’t be denied that they are entertaining though….

The latest news in the Nadia Buari/ Jim Iyke Saga is a press statement from Jim Iyke denying he has broken up with his Ghanaian Beauty.

Jim Iyke through his media manager, Mitch Ngaman, has claimed Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari are still lovers and urged fans to ignore music act and blogger Emma Agu’s claim that the lovers have separated.


Mitch said, it is normal for lovers to have a little misunderstanding, but nothing went out of hand in their own case.

Read the press statement released by him;


“I can assure you that whatever you may have heard regarding the ‘misunderstanding’ between Jim and Nadia is pure speculation. Nonetheless, it is normal for lovers to disagree with each other occasionally or they wouldn’t be human beings.



“We are aware of the false rumour about Jim and Nadia’s breakup. We have decided to ignore it because it is unfounded. Jim and Nadia have not broken up, as claimed by Emma.


“That guy is a frustrated musician and blogger whose stock – in – trade is blackmail. All he does is to meddle in other people’s business. And if he does not have his way, he goes into a tantrum and fabricates stories.


We will act when we deem fit. He can keep on ranting for now” part of the statement read.