Jonathan’s Ratings Drop Amid Tension In Nigeria

As one would expect, President Goodluck Jonathan’s government’s ratings has dropped, according to NOIPolls Limited.

on job performance of his government, the polls revealed that the administration recorded a decline of four-point on last month’s poll.

The survey particularly ranked Jonathan very poor in his performance on job creation, power and security as only 29 per cent of Nigerians experienced an improvement in power supply over the past one month.

The results for April 2014 revealed that 49 per cent of adult Nigerians approved of the job performance of the President over the past month; this figure represents a four-point decline in his approval rating from 53 per cent in March 2014.

The poll results released Tuesday in Abuja showed that less than half of adult Nigerian population, 49 per cent, approved of the performance of President Goodluck Jonathan.

This represents a four-point decline from March 2014 and a one-point drop from his 16-month average of 50 per cent.

“More findings revealed that based on the transformation agenda, the President has maintained a “very poor” ranking on his performance in security, power and job creation, while maintaining average ranking on economy, education, foreign policy & diplomacy, health, agriculture & food security and transportation,” the company said.

“Furthermore, “the poll revealed that the situation of power nationwide still shows no improvement in April 2014, as 71 percent of Nigerians affirmed that power supply to their households have worsened/seen no difference over the past one month; the same rating from March 2014 following a continuous decline since January 2014.

“Similarly, the South-South region was reported to have experienced the worst supply of power 75 percent, followed by the South-West 57 percent, South-East 51 percent, North-West 51 percent, North East, 44 percent, and North-Central regions, 41 percent. These are some of the key findings from the Governance Snap Poll conducted in week of April 28, 2014.

“These results represent the fourth in the 2014 monthly series of governance polls conducted by NOIPolls to gauge the opinions and perceptions of Nigerians regarding the approval rating of the President, the performance of the President on key elements of his transformation agenda, and the state of power supply in the country.

“Analyzing the President’s performance from the geo-political zone standpoint reveals that the South-East zone 69 percent: 13 percent+56 percent has the highest proportion of respondents that approve of the President’s job performance; the North-West zone 52 percent: 42 percent+10 percent accounts for the largest percentage of respondents that disapprove of the president’s job performance while the South-South zone 18 percent has the highest proportion of Nigerians who are neutral.

“Monthly trend analysis of the President’s approval rating reveals fluctuations in the President’s approval rating over the four-month period. Results from January reveal a downward trend and current results show a 4-point decline in the proportion that approved of the President’s performance. Year on year analysis shows that current results represent a 7-point increase compared to April 2013 when it stood at 42 percent.

“An evaluation across the geo-political zones reveals that the North-Central zone has the largest percentage 42 percent: 9 percent+33 percent of respondents that indicated power supply improved while the North-East zone 30 percent has the highest fraction of Nigerians that claim there’s no difference at all. In addition, the South-South zone 75 percent: 20 percent+55 percent has the highest proportion of respondents that claim power supply worsened over the past one month.” [Vanguard]


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