British Newspaper Mocks President Jonathan, See What They Did….

Cartoonist of London Times newspaper mocks President Jonathan in a picture that has rapidly become viral.



President Jonathan was recently mocked by a cartoonist in a British newspaper, read the report below:

With over 200 girls being abducted by radical Islamist group Boko Haram, the whole world has started paying very close attention to the government of Nigeria, as well as President Goodluck Jonathan.

*Cartoon by Peter Brookes, London Times

One of the cartoonists of London Times newspaper, Peter Brookes, has published a cartoon depicting President Jonathan with a new version of a popular hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. In this cartoon the President is holding a sign #Bring Back My Credibility.

Source: Times UK


  1. What on earth gives the right to mock a president? is David Cameron faultless, stupid British folks feeling on top of the world.

  2. What credibilty has PM Cameroon? The same british that put us where we are today,they are the same one mocking our president and yet they come here as saints. They hypocrites. To hell with british support or help. We love our country and respect our president. God bless nigeria

  3. What credibilty has PM Cameroon? The same british that put us where we are today,they are the same one mocking our president and yet they come here as saints. They hypocrites. To hell with british support or help. We love our country and respect our president. God bless nigeria,according to them, they are perfect so they don’t make mistake.

  4. Bultfly that called themselves a bird, the act of terrorism start from U.S and it take so many year to capture their leader, it is a question of time Nigeria will overcome Boko haram. Goodluck Jonathan is best prsident Nigeria ever get since 1960 take it or leave it.

  5. Its crazy how these cartoonist think.
    Even if Britain is giving us aids to search for our girls, its not a yard stick for senseless cartoonism for unreasonable britons as depicted above.
    Pls be guided oo

  6. This tomboy Brookes is a modafucka. All these mess are being inhereted by u(albinos) we ll still inheret using catoon to tell ur PM d bitter truth.

  7. When they try our oil region through the downstream sector those guys use them for sacrifice but as foolish and brainless of the Abokis gave them the chance to tear us apart. in 2009 those white monks broadcast that northan nigeria is the poorest region which make abokis to feel cheated. 9ja will bounce back!

  8. Why on earth will u mock our president. We have to sue u for that, Haba its not fair na, this art can happen to any country across the world, pls I beg u guys stop mocking our dear presido….

  9. There goes the “Nigerian” worthless misplaced Pride. Is the president deserving? and besides what did the British do to you, that ‘soulless’ people like our leaders haven’t done worst!!!…

    • The truth is clear. GEJ is mocked because he refused to:
      a) accept the status quo antes,that is, allowing them to continue stealing the sweet crude from our backyard with their Northern Nigeria cohorts; ACF,NGF,NEF,etc.
      b) accept their Satanic Gay law.
      c) join their cult of blood sucker – Murderer,etc.

      Accept it or leave it, GEJ is the best President Nigeria has ever produced,giving us the true democracy dividends, freedom of speech,freedom of expression,continuous developments in all facets. If you are in doubt,write down a report card of all his predecessors and compare with his,you will marvel. We have all their records.

    • Yes!!! Because he is not a murderer, ordering the police,military,etc to shoot at sight, assassinating political opponents, jailing and killing the pressmen,declaring for ‘do or die’ elections,etc. NIGERIANS LACK MEMORY!!!!!

    • It is either you lack memory,like millions of Nigerians, or you are a ‘follow-follow’ without a word of your own. Go and check records before joining the bandwagon of Jihadists.

  10. this is still their racist nature at work, this is simply a case of the very dirty pot calling an electric kettle black, what makes u stupid white fools think that our President isn’t putting an effort in bringing back these young ladies, I know they only offered their hypocritical assistance because they saw other countries like USA offering to help, bloody dirty racists…go and train their useless kids first who waste their lives everyday either drinking to death or smoking to death…the same UK that u see an eleven or ten year old smoking and people pass without saying a word…..u make fun of my President and yet u teach me to avoid defamatory words when writing…God punish all of una!!!!

  11. Some Jonathanians see nothing wrong wt dumbo. whaoooo. ethnicism and religious bigotry will definitely bring this country down unless we change our oriention. we claim to be religious but we loot public treasury at the detriment of millions of other Nigerians.

  12. Ungrateful white maggots, after all dat our natural resources have done to ur economy, nursed, trained and kept u at d forefront, u have the guts to uncover ur ceptic tanks, open ur chemically presevered bucal cavities and pour out ur cancer afflicted saliva.thinking u’re verbally reducing an anoited man mandated for a divine purpose in d Nigeria nations and for an incomparable history, for d Giant of Africa. Shame to leperous white walking corpses shld be ashame dat after all u did to run us down with ur selfish wicked and satanic exploitation, we never fell and we’re standing here, getting stronger as d time goes…till jesus comes.Damn motherFucking white FOOL…hahahah (DMF)!!


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