MC Abbey: “There’re lots of shady stuff about Chibok kidnap”

Nigerian comedian MC Abbey has raised disturbing questions about the Chibok kidnap, he however agrees that the girls were truly abducted but he says there are lots of shady stuff surrounding the story.
Read what he says: –

“I believe there where kidnapped but there are a lot of shady stuff involved…the numbers are conflicting,the circumstances around it are also conflicting,the right questions are not been asked,the principal has two different stories to d issue,CNN and amnesty group are doing there best but I sense bias ,why are they not questioning the so called security heads that they said where informed 4hours before d attack,saying things like “people are saying in d community that security forces were informed” why didn’t we see when d people were questioned,why can’t we have a proper figure of the girls abducted ….many questions to be asked……#God save Nigeria,” he said.