Muslim Cleric Mumakai Unagha Asks Jonathan To Halt First Lady’s Intervention In Governance

A former Vice President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Mumakai Unagha, advised President Goodluck Jonathan to halt his wife Patience Jonathan’s perceived interference in governance.

According to Muslim cleric Unuagha, stated that “Mrs. Jonathan’s meddlesomeness in governance is complicating the volatile situation in the nation.”

The First Lady reportedly had endorsed governorship candidates in some states. As well as Mrs. Jonathan established a commission on the abducted Chibok girls.

Mumakai Unagha believes that the establishment of this commission was illegal as she lacks the constitutional rights to set up a commission on the matter. However, he said that “she is entitled to her opinion as a Nigerian, but it was wrong for her to assume the role of Information Minister and other agencies, who speak on behalf of the Federal Government.”

The First Lady is not an elected representative of the people. It is only the President and relevant government agencies that have the constitutional rights to do that. Even at that, such agencies must seek clearance from the President,” he said

Unuagha advised the President to “let her be more concerned with non-governmental organisation rather than governance.”


  • This world is a complex one. When she did not talk you will abuse her that she does not have human feelings, now that she talked you are against her. How can she please you people?

  • STOP IT MR MAN !!!!! Rubbish! This is not ur family issue,hungry man like u! Can u recall what happen during late president Musa Yaradu’a and his wife in governing the affair of the nation? What did do? I am suggesting u should forward petition to National Assembly where they can better address the matter to ur satisfaction. Empty vessel !!

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