Muslim Students Attack Boko Haram, Call Them Devilish

The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) has condemned recent bombings at Nyanya in Abuja and abduction of over 200 students by Boko Haram, describing the sect as un-Islamic and devilish.


In an interview yesterday in Kaduna, the President of the group in the North, Malam Yusuf Arrigasiyyu expressed sadness over the security challenges plaguing the nation.

The group believes there are some external influence in all these and the government should look into it.

According to the group, the teaching of Boko Haram is not Islamic, they don’t represent Islam and they are not Muslims because Islam religion is one of peace.

He advised against politicising the current security challenges in the country saying that the war against terrorism required collective effort. He also called on

Malam Yusuf added that the shedding of innocent blood by Boko Haram has to stop, while calling on political leaders in the country to discharge their responsibilities with diligence and the fear of God and the government to curb Boko Haram activities in the interest of the nation.



  • Well said.Let all hands be on deck to dislodge this evil called boko haram,who are not muslims but terrorists,killing both muslims and christians.God wl punish them all!

  • The activities of bokoharam and the story behind it are two differdnt affair entierly. Som say they are muslum, while others are not in support. But if realy dey are muslims dey wouldn’t av been killing both muslim and chrstitiam. So let becareful on hw we classify bokoharam because is God that knows them and we shouldnt 4get to pray over the issue.

  • Sorry Muslim people,what he is saying is in Quran. So don’t condemn him but tell him that good Muslims don’t follow every thing in the Quran.

  • Issue of saying this pole are Muslim it dose not arres and dose not makes since cose Allah s.w . t dose not alought any musulimcto kill. Follow by saying there only killing cristain and boning church is not true is both musilum $cristains.due 4 this mater let us pray all 2gather may Allah show dem what there doing is not is good Thx.

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