Must Read – Don’t Let Hurt and Pain Take Up Permanent Residency in Your Home

images (32)Let me just say this right up front. This is not a write up to give you all the answers. I can’t do that. Most times, the answers are right in front of us or inside of us. But, we are too hurt to open our eyes wide enough to see the truth. This article is to give you a place to share, to speak the pain and release it. Putting up a front like everything is okay is tiring. Holding it all together and never allowing yourself a moment to say, “you know this really hurts and it’s hard” – is tiring. Listening to people tell you, “get over it, I apologized” does nothing to heal the wounds.

“I’m sorry” – simply places a band-aid on an injury that still needs to go through the process of healing. Part of the healing process is releasing the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, the shame, the guilt and allowing the healing balm of forgiveness, peace, freedom, and liberty to come in. So, here is your place to release the hurt.

You can be as specific or as generic as you like; but release it right here and right now. Feel the weight of that burden removed when you decide to release the pain and replace it with something better. This doesn’t mean the hurt never existed and is wiped from your memory. That’s foolishness. But it is an opportunity to see the event with a different set of eyes. A set of eyes that allows YOU to experience new mercy every day. A set of eyes that anticipates the joy the day will bring; a set of eyes that sees great possibility and potential.

So, release it and let it go. Evict the negative emotions that have been greeting you when you get up in the morning and snuggling up in the bed with you when you go to sleep at night. These emotions are real. Let’s not diminish that. However, just as you have the power to hold on to them, you have the power to let them go. Right now, I ask you to let them go for your sake. I want to see you happy and renewed. Let them go. Hold on to the lesson. Hold on to any inkling of good that may have illuminated from your pain, but let the pain and hurt go. Give yourself permission to move forward. Give yourself permission to smile and fully enjoy the day from beginning to end. Give yourself permission to laugh again.

When hurt, pain, disappointment come knocking on your door, don’t let them move in and take up residency.

I’m pulling for you as you move through the process of healing. You are enough. You are worthy. You are precious beyond measure. You are brave and you are strong. You are worthy of all the good life has to offer you.

Let’s keep this a safe place. A no judgment zone. We have ALL been hurt or disappointed beyond belief at some point in time. We ALL are worthy of the healing that belongs to each of us.

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