My Husband’s Manhood Is Too Large. Please Help! [Advice Needed]

Sexual compatibility is important for every loving relationship. It can be upsetting for both partners to not being able to enjoy being together to the full extent. A young woman tells about her problem and asks for your help.


I’m happily married for almost a year. My husband and I are both young and very much in love with each other.

He was my first ever boyfriend, and I was his second girlfriend. He also was my first man sexually, but I wasn’t his first experience. He never told me why he had broken up with his first girlfriend, despite my constant questions. He seemed to be embarrassed and only told me they called it quits soon after having sex with each other. Now I seem to understand why.

Before marrying, we didn’t have sex. I insisted, and he had no problem with it.

But it turns out, my husband has a very big manhood. I love him and I sincerely want to pleasure him, but every intercourse is so painful! So I try to avoid fulfilling my spousal duties, and that leads to conflicts. He apologizes every time for inflicting pain, but I’m dreading any new experience.

I don’t know what to. I’m too shy to talk it over with my Mom or sisters, or even the doctor. It may seem like a minor and even hilarious problem, but it’s not.


  1. I think you should visit the doctor with your husband and see how you can work things out. It’s for your own good. Telling your mum or sister might sound funny as they ain’t be able to reduce his large size. Discuss with your husband and visit the doctor.

  2. My dear sistr, I’m seeing u as a young experience couple u hv make a choice for him to b Ur better half u need endurance and God to give u heart of patience so dat u will not loose him at early stage of out of wedluck wt time u’ll get use to it I don’t see wat doctor can do in dis case.

  3. I must start by saying I am sorry for your situation. In as much as I will not rule out you going to see a doctor, I will equally love you to put this into consideration. From the medical point of view, there are rare cases of when the woman vagina cannot comfortably handle the man’s penis and this is because of the level to which a woman’s vagina can stretch. My advice is to try as couples to engage in more foreplay before sex so as to enable the vagina dilate more and much more open and ready for your husband. I hope this helps.

  4. U just ve to endure,its because u ve not be expiriensing sex,and when u are having it u are having it consecutively later u will get use to it,and u will enjoy it. Also as they ve said visit ur Doctor.

  5. There are rings dat he can wear to stop his “manhood” from going all the way in…from inflicting much pain. I personally feel that wit experience u’ll be able to cope better. But da wrong thing to do is to deny him n trust me, there are women out there that will handle his manhood n he’ll love it. So my advice is; talk to ur husband, talk to ur physician, n make Google ur new best friend…you can find almost anything there. It’s something u shld both do together n da reward will be worth it in da end.

  6. Madam get bele first and born if ur problem will solve, by then ur veginal will open 4r husband 2come in without pain ok. Is just dat ur are not use 2sex b4 u marry just try talk 2him and have sex wit him always and it will ur womanhood 2expound dat’s all.

  7. My sister, you don’t have a problem. To be frank with you, you are not patient with the whole thing. I feel you are too frigid for my liking,I wonder how you will then deliver your baby. Are you then saying you are unfit to wide open your legs during child birth? Then CS is awaiting you if YES!
    Your husbands’s dick can’t be bigger than a 1.5kg baby at birth. If so, then what are you complaining for?
    You need endurance during sex and patience to get use to it. Try greesing your pussy to give him easy and smooth access into you and I bet you with time you celebrate your husband’s size.
    Wishing you the best in your marriage!

  8. I think u need 2 engage in foreplay b4 sex inoda 2 lubricate d place, n u shd always concetrate inoda 4 d place 2 nb lubricatd or use a lubricant or watch porn movies, it helps a lot, no size of manhood is big 4 sex, so I ll advice u try all these aforementioned, enjoy ur marriage life.

  9. Hmmm he is nt big atal he is ur first sex mate ryt? Ur pussy is stil tyt it wil take tym bt i tel u dis, big d…k is d best 2 satisfy a woman, try n get used 2 d pain cos u cnt compare his size wit dat of a baby head daz wen u knw ril pain…

  10. I loved mr Hari comment and that is exactly how to advice person. The question is that; wish of this two subject has the biggest head; the Baby head and the Pe~s? So if you want to have a child without tear or havent problem consider thet head of Baby is more bigger than yoir manhood. After all its elastic.what make you cry is what make other l

  11. See my dear,is a pathetic thing,but is sumountable,lyk what one of the writer said,more foreplay,before the main sex,also be very patient about it & feel you are having fun do not see it as a nightmare,most important thing your first child birth your body will be open for your husband to enter,and then you also enjoy is good especially for married pple.pls don’t loose your hubby those street girls that their is like borrowpit where construction company dig out pit for road construction.

  12. Dis type of case in africa is looked as an ordinary tin bt dis ar one of tin dat cause problem in marriage nd if it’s nt taken care of it might lead 2 divorce.I will advice u 2 c an expert in dis type of situation.

  13. I agree with ‘Excel’ u have to be over ready when is sex time,have a crazy romance,fingering e.t.c until u pass out to allow vagina expansion…u nor know say d tin be like rubber? Come on,dis is what most women want nd u have it but don’t like it! Have more sex with him nd I bet things will come to balance, Ok!

  14. Pls madam! Free ur mind from fear of be hurt, since u are use to it, little by little u’ll alrite, do it everyday or 4-3per week to make ur veginal open widen, it will also help when u want to ur baby witout stress involve in play, tell him ur sensetive part don’t be ashamed is ur husby. Pray also seek for gudiance & counseling gyna doctors. God empower u.

  15. Just be patient with your man, you will get use to it. One big problem you may have is that you may not be able to enjoy sex with men with organ not as big as that of your husband, because you will be too wide for them. So, don’t worry. Swallow it all.