Negotiate With Boko Haram For The Sake Of Peace, NBA Tells FG

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Thursday called on the President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan to reconsider his position that the federal government would not negotiate with terrorists for the release of the 234 girls abducted a month ago at Chibok, Borno State.

In a speech he delivered Thursday in Abuja at the meeting of the National Executive Council of the association, NBA’s president, Chief Okey Wali, SAN, said that no option should be foreclosed in achieving peace.

Several Nigerians have said it would be wrong to negotiate with the sect as that may start a series of events the federal government would not be able to contain. Some specifically said it would encourage other militant groups to crop up and do despicable things believing the would escape justice if they play their cards right.

The lawyers, however said peace is the ultimate thing the government should be looking at achieving at the moment, regardless of the sacrifices involved.

Although, it took the association one month‎ to condemn the abduction of the Chibok girls, Wali nevertheless said the Federal Government acted too slow in its response to the abduction.


  1. Hmmmm boko haram those guys are heartless ooo they shd knw dat even if dey negotiate with them,and they release those prisioners dnt be surprise dey might kill A̶̲̥̅̊ℓ̊ℓ̊ those girls but God 4bid,BH guys Н̣̣̣̝̇̇̇м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊ their thnking Ȋ̝̊̅§ always left left. Ȋ̝̊̅§ God dat will finish A̶̲̥̅̊ℓ̊ℓ̊ of dem by using strong civilians and those foreign Army to finish dem cos dey dnt deserve to Live. I pity those children cos it might happen that some will escape while some will die @ the End hmmmmm.God ∂ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣ he will deliver them from that Lions den. May God help Nigeria!

  2. The nba is foolis are they trying to say that bokos are stronger than the nig army how many are them that our army can not face them if we can not fight internal agretion how can we fight external agretion. Nba stop that if u don’t know want to say becase the one u hav said is norses talk.fools

  3. The nba is a foolis people may be there is boko among them who surgest such talk, ar boko stronger than NIG army just an internal agretion they can not fight it to an end let them invite bakasi boys from aba to help them .norses talk.

  4. Learned fools, the stats of deaths by BH is stagrin as we speak. FG’s gr8st mistake ll b 2 fall for cheap advc lik dis..

  5. Which way nigeria, just imagin a situation like this that the Nba are saying that FG should negociate with boko . Ha a a a a a you see if the prisoners are release for them dose that me that dia wil be no bombing and killings again how sure are you that they wil not kill the girls. I refuse to believe that it is the NIGERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION that asked jonathan to do that maybe its Nigerial boko association stil NBA


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