Nigerian Soldiers Combat-ready To Free Chibok Schoolgirls

Indications emerged yesterday that the Nigerian troops were set to take up battle with the invidious Boko Haram terrorists, who have pitched their tents in the Northeast, wreaking havoc around the region.

In several tweets from his Twitter Handle ‘@abati1990’, Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, posted four pictures depicting Nigerian soldiers in combat-readiness to confront the Boko Haram insurgents.

Abati said in one of the tweets with a photograph showing soldiers massing with a tank, “Nigeria’s committed and patriotic troops in action to crush al Qaeda/Boko Haram terrorists of Sambisa to bring back our girls”.

In another tweet with amphibious soldiers crossing an unnamed river, Abati wrote that the soldiers were set to crush the terrorists and free the girls, who were taken over a month ago.

Although the President’s spokesman did not say where the soldiers were camped, it was learnt that the soldiers, who had been training with the specialists despatched by Britain and the United States of America in the wake of the abduction, have been gearing up for action to free the captives.

Both nations, which are Nigeria’s trading partners, have also sent in reconnaissance aircraft to help locate the abductees and reunite them with their parents.

They have also pledged to assist Nigeria in tackling rising terrorism in the country.


  1. May ALLAH guide and protect our soldiers to bring back our girls safely back home,may HE also destroy these monsters to the very last of them,shekau or who ever behind this should know that this is something un-islamic and they‘ll lose in the name of ALLAH,amen,please type amen if you are kindhearted.