Nigerians Weigh In On Effects Of Lack Of Money In Relationship

There hasn’t been many issues that has generated so much debate, heartbreaks, misunderstanding, rage and hate like the issue of money- or lack thereof- in a relationship.

We just can’t get enough of it, can we?


In a bid to make this article a bit more engaging and substantial with diverse perspectives, opinions were sampled from individuals (healthy balance of both sexes) about this pertinent issue that has made the concept of love both appealing and disgusting.

Let’s walk through the views, shall we?

DOLAPO (Female):
There can be love (without money) if as a lady, you are genuinely contended and supportive. There will be many rough edges  if you make up your mind to be with the guy irrespective of lack or insufficiency. It’s so difficult because there might not be outings or hanging outs. So one has to think and rethink if you want to go through the phase of insufficiency for a while.

KAYODE (Male):
Love without money reminds you of the quality of your partner that he/she is not after what she can get from you or what you possess. She understands that though the beginning may be small. If you keep spending on a woman and she never asks you if you are saving or investing; and she keeps enjoying the attention, don’t marry her!

TOSIN (Female):
There can be but it won’t last. Love and money plays a vital role in any relationship. Even in a nuclear family, money is really a
necessity ‘cos it attracts respect and honor, not to talk about an intimate relationship. Love without money is like a car without fuel. Likewise a coffee without sugar. Money makes love and romance work out fine. It’s not that I am freaked about money, but it’s a must have. Money is essential, really.

DEMOLA (Male):
Yeah. If there is true love- which is hard to get these days. True love cannot be described, it can only be conceived.

EUNICE (Female):
It’s a two-way answer. There can be love in a situation where both spouses are financially balanced. Here they focus more on building a relationship than spending lavishly. Also, in a situation where either of the spouses wants a platonic relationship devoid of money, there isn’t a responsibility to meet the demand of the other financially.

IDRIS (Male):
Realistically, there can be love without money. Just that out of 100%, 5% will be concerned more about love even if the money isn’t there. So conclusively, there can be love without money. Though in this part of the world, it’s not feasible as there is a limit to which a woman can tolerate a man who isn’t financially buoyant. That’s just the bitter truth.

FELICIA (Female):
No romance, without finance. Of course, you know money is necessary to maintain love. When poverty comes through the front door, love goes away through the back door.

Definitely, there can be. A lot depends on both parties to make it work even if there isn’t sufficient money. With hard work and commitment, money will come along if both remain faithful and happy with each other.

*  *  *
There you have the views. Interesting: check! Philosophical: check! Controversial: maybe.
As a matter of fact, most of the answers shouldn’t really be surprising, should it?

As expected, the guys supported the notion outright. Well, for the ladies…it wasn’t going to be smooth and straight-forward, was it?

Personally, money is an indispensable ingredient in a relationship. No doubt. And frustation abounds when the man is continually incapable of being financially responsible to his partner. But here’s my gripe regarding
the money issue: why must money be the first requirement or condition before a woman actually considers a guy for a relationship?

Granted the economic reality here affects one’s action; influences one’s choices and decisions; and conditions you to prioritize your needs over your wants. Is that a sufficient reason to sacrifice the eventually favourable ‘what could have been’ to the unpleasant ‘what it is’?

‘If’ and ‘only’ are two harmless words, but when placed together, they have the ability to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Money can create the comfort and environment for happiness but cannot give happiness in the real sense of it.

Where I oppose to a lady dating a guy who is still financially struggling is if the guy in question has N.F.A (No Future Ambition). If he strikes you as someone who’s lazy, uninterested in doing what it takes to be successful but only talks about love (I bet he watches loads of indian movies), please kindly refer him to psychologist- better yet a counsellor. But someone who has a prospect with dazzling future and who is serious minded can be the key to your marital happiness- if given a chance.

Larry Izamodje (CEO of Brila Fm) once said of how his wife stood by him during the trying times and even gave him her salary once she receives it. Now, she has access to his cashbook and has liberty to withdraw as much as she wants.

Incredible, isn’t it?

Truth is, a lady that is ready to be patient with a man would certainly not be present to be prosperous with him.

Bottom line is, it all bores down to sacrifice. On which sacrifice you choose, it’s all left to you. Whether the sacrifice that allows you to endure now and potentially (some men are unpredictable) enjoy later; or the one that provides you with the enjoyment now and potentially the unhappiness tomorrow.

The ball fortunately is in your court.

If you disagree or agree with our respondents or opinions,  kindly share your views.


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