Nigeria’s Security Situation Outcome Of Threat To Make Nigeria Ungovernable — Jang

Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang has stated that the insecurity confronting Nigeria is the outcome of earlier threat by some prominent Nigerians to make the country ungovernable.

He therefore called on President Goodluck Jonathan to take on such people.

Jang stated this while speaking with newsmen shortly after inspecting the site of the recent bomb explosion in Jos. He expressed anger over the state of the nation, especially the insecurity ravaging the country, saying there should be nobody that should be above the law, especially on issues boardering on national security.

“These people have talked and said they would make this country ungovernable. They think they can do whatever they like. Let Nigerians challenge these people. They said they would make the country ungovernable, and we have started seeing how they are trying to make the country ungovernable.

“There should be nobody that is above the law of this country. We have seen how the former president of Egypt, Mubarak, is being prosecuted; Isreal just jailed its former Prime Minister. Whatever position that you have held in this country should not make you an untouchable person. If you go against the law of the country, you should be dealt with,” he said.

“I call on President Jonathan to take on these people. Some of them are turning back to say Boko Haram is evil, but they once said they would make this country ungovernable. Who brought Boko Haram?” he asked.

Jang said that the protests on the abducted Chibok girls have been politicised, adding that some Nigerians had seen it as an opportunity to discredit President Goodluck Jonathan and frustrate his second term ambition. He however stated that the president would win the election whether such people liked it or not.

“The government is not just praying, we are taking action and if they are not willing as Nigerians to join the government to pray, we are all concerned about these girls.

“Some of us wake up in the night and pray, while some people just wear bright dresses protesting, protesting to whom? If they want to protest, let them enter the bush. I think enough is enough, Nigerians should know that this is the time of emergency and as a nation, we should put our heads together for solution,” he said.


  1. As right as Jang is, his calling for the second term of GEJ is uncalled for. GEJ is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, he has failed to use all his powers to bring sanity into the system. How then are you asking him to go another term. We want a person with action. He could come from any region, nobody cares but he should be able to restore sanity in the system.

  2. Yea,those People Should Have Been Taken On Before Now.This Implies The President Is Feeble Minded.Too Weak To Lead A Volatile Country Like Nigeria.And”whether They Like It Or Not Jonathan Will Contest And Win.Jang When Too Far Here.He Is Too Sure Gej Would Win When Election Is Still Months Away.Then The Buhari’s “Monkey And Baboon Blood Stuff” If Election Is Rigged In 2015. Buhari Will Be Contesting For The Fourth Time If Nominated By His Party Hence His Plights And Frustration Of Such Statement.Buhari New What Caused Him Victory In Previous Elections (Obj’s Do Or Die,and Yar Adua’s Admittance Of Benefiting From A Flawed Election.)So Dont Nail Him He Has Been Rigged Out And Forsee Another Rigging Jang Too Is Substantiating With His Unguided Utterrance.Ango Abdullahi And Ciroma Threatened That The North Will Make Nigeria Ungovernable During Pdp’s Primaries And Azazi Revealed It That Boko Haram Was As A Result Of Pdp Internal Crisis,he Was Sacked And Killed In A Chopper Crash.Where Is The Investigatn Report?

  3. “They Think They Can Do Whatever They Like.”Whatever They Like,Like Making 16 Greater Than 19 And Wanting To Impeach A Sitting Gov With 5 Assembly Men Out Of 32 Members. Poor Jang,his Likes Should Be The First To Go To Jail.Gej Haven’t Announce His Intention To Contest But Jang is Sure Of His Victory.The Man Who Is Suppose To Be Mourning The Killings In His State Is Talking Of Victory Of election Not Certain…InsensitiveJang Is Telling Nigerians To Enter The Bush Because He Felt Gej Ambition Is Being Frustrated. Poor Reasoning.If Nigeria Is Good Today,who Takes The Credit? Me,you Or Gej? No Doubt, Jang Is A Stooge,and Is Affraid Of State Of Emergency In His State.I Asked Where Is The Report Of Azazi And Yakowa Choopper Crash? What About Senator Ndume The First Pdp Man Linked With Boko Haram?Leave Buhari Alone,if The Gov Find Him Culpable Of Any Offence Let Him Be Arrested. Enough Of This Politics Of Bitterness.Boko Haram Are Terrorists(anti Christ!)lets Rise Against Them Together.