Obasanjo Slams President Jonathan’s Led FG Over Abducted Schoolgirls

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has finally come out to condemn the Federal Government of Nigeria, led by President Goodluck Jonathan, on how they handle the issue of abducted secondary school girls in Chibok, Borno State.

While speaking at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, on the adoption of a junior secondary school and a primary school in Kudai, Dutse, Jigawa State on Monday, the one time Head of State said that the Federal Government should have done better with the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls saga which has generated plenty of local and international attention.

Obasanjo said: “The Federal Government could have acted quickly when the news broke so as to save the innocent girls, but nothing was done. The future of the girls is significant as such everything possible must be done to rescue them”.

The former President also condemned the terror group for endangering the lives of young girls who still have so much to give to the Nigerian society.


* Former President Obasanjo, right, and President Goodluck Jonathan

He stated that the insurgency group was taking its cause against the Nigerian State too far with the abduction of the schoolgirls on 14 April, 2014.

“Whatever might have been the grievances of the group of people behind the adoption of these girls, whatever might have been their anger or objectives, it was uncalled for, considering the importance of these girls,” Obasanjo said.

It could be recalled that the Boko Haram sect had on Monday posted a video on the internet showing some of the abducted girls.

The leader of the group, Abubakar Shakau had said in the video that he would only let go the girls in exchange for some of his ‘brothers’ captured by the Nigerian military since 3-5 years ago.

Moments after the video went viral, reports say the President Jonathan led Federal Government has said they are not ready to swap the girls with the prisoners in their custody.


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