Obese Woman Shows Bikini Body In Protest Against Hollywood Standards

An American lady weighing approximately 120 kg (260 pounds) walked in bikini along Hollywood Boulevard to show other women that it is OK to be obese.



Amani Terrel, who undoubtedly grasped everyone’s attention, told FOX KTTV that one cannot always worry about what other people say about one, adding that the world is a cruel place.

She said that all women are beautiful no matter what size and shape they are, and that they should love themselves.

“You cannot seek validation from other people. You must seek validation within yourself and be kind to yourself.”

People were mostly reacting positively to the extravagant act, however some passers-by went sarcastic about the move.

She also disproved the common belief that obese women have low self-esteem adding that even if she decided to lose weight, it would not affect her attitude towards herself.

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terrel1 terrel3 terrel4


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