Panic as explosion rocks Abuja this morning


There was panic in the Kurudu, Jikoyi community in the outskirt of Abuja this morning after a loud explosion was heard. Residents in the area were reportedly seen running for safety when they heard the loud bang. 

It was initially thought to be a bomb blast but a Spokesman for the Nigerian army assured people it wasn’t, explaining that a rock blocking a new road being constructed from Karishi to Apo in the Abuja city centre, was blasted with dynamites to help free the road and allow construction to continue.

Source: LIB


  1. I hate when people behave in abnormal way. U know the problem the country is facing concerning bombing. U suppose to alert them through media before u do that. Do you want to kill them with hypertension

  2. Do you blame the people? The construction company should have notified them before carrying out the “blasting of the rock”, knowing the security challenges the country is faced with at the present.


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