PHOTONEWS: Former Minister Oby Ezekwesi Leads ‪#‎BringOurGirlsBack‬ Protest In Abuja

Today, April 30, civil society activists which were led by a former minister, Oby Ezekwesi, staged a public protest to demand government action in rescuing 200 abducted girls.

This protest is the second one in the last 24 hours. The first one was led by mothers of abducted female students.

The protesters defied rain to present their demands to the leadership of the national Assembly in Abuja.
former_minister_ezekwesi_leads_bringourgirlsback_protest_in_abuja_02 former_minister_ezekwesi_leads_bringourgirlsback_protest_in_abuja_04 former_minister_ezekwesi_leads_bringourgirlsback_protest_in_abuja_05 former_minister_ezekwesi_leads_bringourgirlsback_protest_in_abuja_06 former_minister_ezekwesi_leads_bringourgirlsback_protest_in_abuja_08 former_minister_ezekwesi_leads_bringourgirlsback_protest_in_abuja_10

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