Popular Nigerian Singer Compares President Jonathan’s Rule To Animal Farm


Famous Nigerian singer, Eniola Akinbo, popularly known as Niyola, has likened President Goodluck Jonathan to the animal leader in the novel Animal Farm.

The EME Records singer made this comparison while expressing her displeasure with the leadership style of President Jonathan especially on his handling of the missing school girls in Chibok, Borno State. The Love To Love You crooner, who is fondly called the first lady of EME Records, likens the situation in the country to George Orwell’s legendary novel, Animal Farm.

* Niyola slams President Jonathan on her twitter handle A novel where animals, led by some pigs, chased away the human minders of the farm, took over the helms of affair and turned round to inflict untold hardship on other animals, killing some, maiming others and generally making life difficult for their subjects. While tweeting on her Twitter handle, Niyola also describes the president as a Zoologist, blaming him for the troubles the country is going through presently. Below is her tweets:

niyola2 niyola1 niyola


    • what ever she calls her name…i don’t want to mention that name even in my dream…but what i want to tell her is that… if she thinks leadership is that easy especially in a country like Nigeria, then she should invite her FATHER to come test it. if she fails to do this assignment, then i decree….she would never have a leader in her 100th generation to come…not even a class monitor would they ever produce in her family. since she cannot even sympathize with this innocent man passing through the worse situation ever in his whole life.

  1. who is she, popular? i don’t think she is a nollywood actress, may be she is an intending member infarct
    , she is a nobody. If she want cheap popularity, insulting a president of the federal republic of Nigeria should not be the avenue, why can’t she gain this by fucking her father in a public place(market, stadium, and so on). She will not be known only in Nigeria but worldwide.

  2. I don’t expect anythg less from a whore like her. She might be on APC’s pay list. Even the unconscious knw that what’s going on in this country is targeted @ ridiculing GEJ by the Northerners.

  3. eniola akinbo is a bastard n a prostitute. Y blame GEJ? Eniola u re such an asshole, everyone of us is equaly responsible 4 d insecurity of dis country n d mising gals.. If eniola thinks sh is up2 d task let ha tel ha father dats older dan GEJ to go rescue d gals or is mr. Akinbo nt man enuf to dèfend hs mother country? Stupid-foolish-useles-bitch-eniola-akinbo.. Go n die

  4. Goz or what is your name. calling someone crazy.is ‘Z’ not one of the alphabet if crazy? I pray that all the girl in ur family and town will be kidnap and your will receive the same response from government like those in chunk.

  5. I don’t why some of these ladies in the entertainers industry are mannerless and so stupid that they think to gain attention from the public is all about making irresponsible and senseless comments on social media, dress half-nude Look, eniola or whatever u call ur self, what have u in your own little way done to make society a better place other than going unclad in your videos. You better stop using such kind of language on our president because it does not speak well of you

  6. The father of that lady is a nobody and will never smell the seat of president;she herself is a nobody and will alway amount to nothing! The lady is ashawo who can only be patronised by those inflicted by HIV(Obiri na aja ocha)! I didn’t want to call her name because,she is lady nothing!Even though we are praticing democracy,it is not democrazy in which one can just open his or her mouth and start vomiting venom without tarming our tongues.God bless Nigeria,God bless Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in Jesus’name amen!He who curses you is cursed amen!

  7. Eniola or whatever name u call urself u re a disgrace t this society t open ur dirty mouth nd insut d president of this great Nigeria, I look at it that u re an abducted child. It is ur parent in d grave that re ANIMALS nt my country president. God hav mercy on u .

  8. Ho even creown ha d pupolar naija singer,she crazy ,she don’t have respect 4 ha father @ home, dat y she hav d got 2 open ha smilling 2 talk in media 2 des respect mr president,it time 4 mr prisident 2 bound of ds so call naija artist an actress,freedom of speach is not a crazy or time 2 show ur craziness


  10. Well, I won’t blame you much eniola or whatever you call yourself you re an educated FOOL who don’t understand the APC politics against Jonathan that even the illiterate and the market women knows,i pity u cos I see you as one of the prostitutes promoting the APC dids watch ur utterances before OSAIN strike that dirty mouth of yours you open to Insult MR PRESIDENT#FOOl

  11. Dry fish like you looking like HIV/AIDS patient showering insult on MR PRESIDENT I don’t blame Banky W has polished your life abit that’s y even skeleton like you is insulting MR President. Where’s your Father dead or alive if he’s alive I reserve all the insult back to him # don’t let my anger make me to say somtin that will affect ur generation Idiot

  12. This is what we call vargabonda in portuguese… Ewu, buzzu, weree, IDIOTA! Stupid girl that does not hv respect. If GEJ were to be her Uncle, i gues the Story would hv been different… mtchewwwww, thank GOD i dont even know her so called muzik or warever…. olofofo.

  13. I do not blame eniola akinbo because charity begins at home. She probably call her father worst name than she called the president. Our President is trying everything possible to bring the girls back and we pray that God will back him up. Let us learn to pray than to hip insult on the President.

  14. chei,Niyola!na u dem abuse like this?!just swallow your pride and apologise ooo.cos if i were u,i would begin strategizing,and consulting the experts on the effects this will have on my career!remember,u are still a budding artiste ooo.heck,some of them dnt even know ur music!y did u have to think wt ur emotions?u could get sued by a Nigerian court u know.

  15. Sorry its a pity for you singer am sure only ur family knws about ur song,there are other senseble way to gain attention not by condemming a man who is going thru a lot to make things better in dis country,not minding all d frustrations he is been face with,u hvent experienced leadership in one way or d other dats why u talk like an empty barrel read and knw wht is really on ground in ur country stop following the uneducated crowd,ENIOLA its an advise.

  16. Is she really popular as u are popularising her nw? I don’t even know her. Who is she? Maybe she’s a backyard whore who wants to change her profession from nothing to something. But until the time I might even come across her name again, she’s a nobody: a mere structural arrangement of bones with a matching flesh. Instead of her to add her own ‘hand'(if she has at all) to those on desk to see how our beloved country can move to a greater height, in spite of our current national challenges,she’s here scrambling for a cheap popularity. This country is ours; we have to have an nationalistic orientation and not apportioning blames from the streets and hamlets. God bless our nation. God bless our president! God bless us all

  17. Eniola, am hearing your name for the first time in my life time, don’t always think through your feelings as it will always mislead you, Our President in presently on a got seat yet, he’s giving his best, please watch your tongue.

  18. Ela!!!… She has said the truth and its all paining you all!…you all are animals dat might soon be maimed..and the rest of the failed people like you too will come and insult truth tellers!..Do u know Ife yi ga o, Ife yi le o….,Ela!!!…she is making her money…Na sufferness go kill all of una 4here..#Doro failed people.

  19. It quite a pity that she can insult the president and people are trying to reason with her. Can she insult the leader of boko haram who is nobody like that but she has the mouth to insult the no 1 of this nation and we still look at her. But she and the people doing business with should be ban from doing business in Nigeria

  20. cause be To those who cause a leader like GEJ,names to dos wo names leaders,GEJ becox he is the god we see so all respect shud be accorded to him. i pity u niyalo u just caused ur self dat litle tin dat puffs ur head shal be taken away frm u..

  21. this girl need to skill her alive, nigerians must look for her and find her and teach her how to obey her elders, her father and her generation will not smell the seat of being a councilor in her community talk of local gov chairman. Idoit , look her she is like who ve HIV ADS. ANIMAL

  22. Who dash monkey banana?who and what made her popular.see as she be like stock fish.hehe Mr president hv suffered!If people wey chop belle ful talk dis pig go also won talk.I dnt blame her,I blame information nigeria for publishing dis nonsense.she is calling a man old enugh to be her grandfather animal,dos she know who her father is?I guess she dnt even hv a father.cheap singer seeking for public attention.okwala gi.Idot.I hate ur type,you are so disgusting.

  23. Never mind her,she works for dem bk harm,her DRM is to marry d leader,Eniola or what I promise u Nigerians won’t blame u for doing dat,Happy mareid life in advance Eniola weds shekau.hurrayy!!!!!!

  24. The so called civilization and western education have turned some of our ladies to morally bankrupt and despondent species. That girl should learn how to talk and respect elders, I think she has a father that gave to her or may be she doesn’t have one.

  25. E.M.E. Please be careful of Niyola, I think she is getting somewhat crazy. If she likens Nigerians and Nigerian president to be animals, therefore she is living in a world of calling EME boss and her parents pigs. You seem to be the likes of APC. Please publisher don’t label this beast to be a popular singer because I know her not and I think Nigerians don’t know her.

  26. @ olanrewaju, its stl d same tin so dnt get confused. she is sayn d leader or head f d animal farm was an animal in charge f hs fellow animals. u shd b ashamed f nt rebuking d eniola idiot, cos in a way, she is also refering to us Nigerians as the animals in d farm. that is we r animals in our own country. useless Eniola wtout home training. i wonder whr d fool got her manners 4rm mayb she got it 4rm her fada’s farm. because she sang only one song she nw feels she shd b talkn trash. yeye bitch.

  27. Pls calm down Nigerians, let’s be reasonable for ones. I’m not in anyway saying Niyola was right referring to GEJ as an animal cos he’s still our President no matter what. However, we all do have our rights to air our views (constructively though) and she just did (though it came out wrong). The situation of our country is pathetic. 275 girls were abducted, no trace of them for a month now, our so called leaders are busy politicising the whole thing, using the media to feed us with pack of lies,the stupid satelite that took billions to launch, they are saying they can’t track the boko haram guys, no straight up assurance from our head of State that these girls will be rescued alive. This was our President’s responce when he was asked his take on the issue, he said “if we attack Sambisa forest, the insurgents will disperse, go back to the villages and cause more harm” these were the word of our Presidents. Words full of fear, lack of intelligence, confussion. Anyone can trivialize or treat with levity the abduction of these girls, I’m deeply taken aback with the attitude of some Nigerians which makes it difficult for one to see any tangible change happening soon. I can’t believe Nigerians could spend time posting nonsense, casting aspersions on Eniola, negleting the crox of the matter. I’m sure you’ll think differently if your sister, girlfriend or relation were among those girls. We have never been our brother’s keeper and we don’t wish to. It really bits me, a serious matter as this that has gained notoreity globally doesn’t move us, have you considered the state of the families of these girls and our so called president is gambling with their lives, a girl comes up to express her displeasure and all you can do is show the world the ghetto, gutter and dirty language you were fed with. Its a shame!

  28. You are all fools….how dare you insult her…is she not saying the truth?….u think d clueless one shouldn’t be insulted cos he is from d south..where were all you idiots when the whole of Nigeria home n abroad were throwing insults @OBJ who was even far better that that silent killer of a person u call president..were u all dead then?..if by now u still see anything good in that pig then u need to had ur empty heads examined…Bigots!

  29. To begin wit, i av never heard of dis name, nt to talk of addressing her as popular. However, i feel pity n sorry 4 her cos she’s yet to be known, talk month of popular. She’s A̶̲̅ disgrace 2 Ypruba ppl as there r known as ppl who respect their elders. Be dat as it may, it shows she lacks parental upbringing $ she’s poorly if @ all educated. EME records be kful as dis types wl kill ur biz!

  30. And y are you fools insulting Niyola?is she not right?so JEG is doing his best huh?I can see u guys can not reason with dt tin u have on ur head.what if ur sister or cousin is among d girls kidnapped wat will ur response be?u jst open ur mouth cos u just want to be noticed,here comes 2015 we shall see if he is truely an animal or not.#Rubbish#

  31. @anikishaya don’t mind those bigots…typical Nigerians attacking the young lady instead of facing d issues she raised…can’t we be reasonable for once and stop playing d ethnic card here..The man is clueless and bereft of ideas. Inrespective of where he is from the fact still remains dat d man is not working its has simple as that..I am also from d east but that doesn’t make Mr president immune from criticism..can’t believe I wasted all my energy campaigning in the hot sun for him with d hope dat looking at where he ws coming from(shoeless) he should be d agent of change we’v been yearning for but no,instead,he chose to conive with his girlfriend rogue minister diezani to steal $20billion.months after we r still waiting for forensic report n he still had d guts to tell us “america will knw” “stealing is not corruption” what a lame response!.He’s been there for over 5years tell me one meaningful thing he has achieved. Look at nyanya bombings: he went to dance azonto in kano d day after;America offered to help some days after bt he refused nt until d news went viral.and some fools r here telling me he is trying his best. R u all ignorant or ur just blinded by ethnicity?..so u r all telling me if it was atiku,obj,or babagida that was in power u wnt criticize or cast aspersions on his person.so when abacha looting and killing everybody u were in your room praying for him because he is d head of state abi?…#Bigots!…whether na hausa or igbo or yoruba thief na thief call it no other name..#word!

  32. Now what is wrong in using a metaphor and speaking out the truth and yet you people are in her ass. This democracy the way you have the rights to speak, insult eniola that is the way she has the right to insult the president she elected. If Mr President knows He can’t cope to the insult, I think he should change his carrier.

    The Problem of hypocrasy we don’t critizise we just are patriotic without questions. That is why we will keep on dying from religious and ethnic and political angle. It is so sad. We really need to go back to school and embrace humanity.

  33. Abbas,you are a big fool without proper upbringing.This how you insult your own parents metaphorically.A beast of no gender who is in support of insulting elders instead of constructive criticism.Animal

  34. Igirigi,hmmmm elder indeed….so he shouldn’t be criticized because he is an elder…clap for urself moron..”Constructive criticism” u say…how many times have we all done that…na wa for dis idiot o..ur stupidity no get part2…with those that criticize and proffer solution seen as enemies/opposition by GEJ himself. Even outsiders can attest to d fact that that man is just incompetent and wicked r they also part of d opposition….I know u have no brains but with d little dats left in ur head can u pls tell us with other ways we can constructively criticize GEJ that ‘ll bring out results since other platforms has no yielded any result…infact I’m even surprised that has dull as u r u didn’t ask us to desist from criticizing d president @all…people like u wld prefer to die while politicians suck u dry as long as they r from ur state or village..#mumu mentality..shame

    • criticisms is different from insults chiboy or what ever u call ur self if u happen to be on that sit tomorrow u will do worst things and u don,t know what stress could do to mental stability . No head of state ever went through what jona is going through , imagine ex presido them and some members of his cabinet leaking some security info to the number 1 enemy of our naija i mean Boko haram.to hell with u itk

  35. The lady made a good point, why making it look like a part issue? The book titled ‘Animal farm’ is a satire. She only made a metaphorical comparison between the book and our president. U all need to understand the book well to know that the all the animals in the book are not animals, but human being.
    I will rather she is brilliant and intelligent, her obviously did pass well in literature, which most of the previous commentators had showing complete ignorance.

  36. The lady made a good point. why are you making it look like a political issue? The book titled ‘Animal Farm’ is a satire. She only made a metaphorical comparison between the book and our president. U all need to understand the book well to know that the all the animals in the book are not animals, but human being.
    I will rather say that she is brilliant and intelligent, she obviously did pass well in literature, which most of the previous commentators had shown complete ignorance.

  37. It only shows dt u re most intolerant of others opinion. U re worse than the so called BH.
    B4 u come for me, be mindful dt u don’t ve the monopoly of violent.
    I though ve value n respect for human life, unlike u.
    Pls solve ur personal problems b4 coming to public to demonstrate ur foolishness

  38. Eniola, u hv committed a crime against dis land by insulting our Dear Mr President n u shall be purniched. What is ur age? Who tot u how 2 sing? 2day, u hv reached ur dead end in music n d source of ur inspiration dried-off. Ur popularity is removed and u r covered with shame. U must be a bastard of the highest order, U r not supose 2 b a Yoruba bcos I no Yorubas r respectful. Freedom of speech and human right even have limits. They must not b abused. May I implore the relevant law enforcement agent(s) 2 invite her for interrogation. Who knows whether she is an indirect agent. U can’t go unpunished. A disgrace 2 ur family!

  39. Stj,GAA & co I’m sorry I really underrated the level of stupidity and ignorance.out of all d issues that was raised its only d insult part that’s of utmost importance to u abi?…is she not saying d truth?…what have u benefited from jona as an igbo,hausa or yoruba man?..he’s been in power for over 5years.has things gotten much better or worst ever since?..n u fools are here telling us APC/North/bokoaram wouldn’t allow him to work..really?…what abt d East,south-south or south-west?..bokoaram no allow am do im work 4 there also se?..na bokoaram tell am say make im chop $20billion? Na boko aram make Nigeria polytechnics still dey on strike for 8months now?..na bokoaram tell am say make im go dance skelewu 4 kano d day after hundreds were killed in nyanya?…na bokoaram tell jona say make e never fire Diezani after all corruption leveled agnst her n then sack CBN governor 4 exposing her?..so because he is from a minority ethnic group or because we favour our own tribe than odas we should sit down and watch him milk us [email protected] end of d day when e komot 4 there e go come share all d money wey he don steal with u because u be im fellow southerner..yeye dey smell..na all of una no wan make we move forward 4 naija n as we dey shout so wey we wan make jona change wey idiots like u dey frustrate our efforts so.when it tym to reap from all our efforts na all of una go die finish b4 that tym…God punish all of una…Bigots!