Praiz: “My Dream Was to Be a Footballer, Not a Musician”


Apparently, if music didn’t exist in Nigeria, a lot of our superstar singers seem to think they would have been soccer players.

Praiz revealed details about his childhood dreams, his album which will be released in June 2014, the craziest thing a female fan has asked him to do – sign an autograph on her private part, and his MTN endorsement.

Read excerpts from the interview with Vanguard below: –

On his career ambition while growing up: “No. I loved Soccer, I was a huge fan of football and I play well too. I studied Computer Science in the university. I had this dream that I was going to be a big soccer star. I was dreaming to play for Barcelona FC because that has always been my club. I have played in several football clubs in the country back then in the North. For me, being an entertainer was something I never thought or dreamt of. But as nature has it, in everything we are doing, God has another plans for us. He knows where to place you and how to use you to inspire people.”

On how he got into music: “Well, I would say that I started liking music because of my environment. Before I went into the higher institution, I had this friend who used to be a music producer. So most times, I used to go to the studio with him and from there, I learnt how to do many things. I learnt how to make beat, and how to produce some sounds. For me, my love for music started developing from there. That is what I can say about my adventure into the music world.”

On his skills on the field: “I am a good footballer, I played for my department when I was in higher institution. I played for Kaduna Polytechnic, I also played for Highlander FC in Kaduna as well. That was the same club some big Nigerian players like, Celestine and Emmanuel Babayaro among others played for. It’s just that I grew up listening to music. What you have in mind that you want to do might be different from what God plans for you.”


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