Reports, Picture Of Captured Boko Haram Member By US Marines Misleading – DHQ

nigerian-military-majorgeneralchrisolukoladeThe Defence Headquarters has denied media reports that US Marines have arrested a prominent member of the Boko Haram sect. The reports came on the heels of the arrival in the country, of foreign intelligence and security personnel from the US, UK and France, in concerted efforts to rescue the over 200 school girls abducted by insurgents on April 14th.

In a statement signed by its Director of Information, Chris Olukolade, the DHQ said none of the foreign security allies have made any arrests or carried out any operation in the country, adding that the pictures being circulated by national dailies and online (see picture inset) to illustrate the claims in the story, are not related to the situation in Nigeria as they were taken from scenes in other countries.

“Indeed, no troop of the American Marines has so far been deployed in any part of Nigeria as is being circulated in certain media.

“International coalition is quite appropriate in handling terrorism being a trans-border and global crime. The public will be duly briefed on the areas of collaboration with allied forces in the mission to bring back our girls as the need arises.  There is therefore no need to engage in misleading speculations while the mission is in progress”, Olukolade, a Major General, said in the statement issued on Saturday.


  1. We nigeriAns are the ones dat are killing,spoilinG de name of our country … The stupid unthinkable journalist We have publish every nonsense the hear without confirming… Now dis news will go round the world and it will come back empty handed … Is this not disgraceful… We dnt hear of much things in other country but a little thing that happens in nigeria will be in the internet .. And am sure that all these news are formed and caused by the northerns… Who don’t want our hardworking president to continue … But many more are in support of our president…

  2. How did we get to this terrible situation we are today. Politics as changed the normal we think. Look at Nigeria, a country that you and I know that is expected to be among the first twenty best economy in the world. What a shame. Boko haram came to Nigeria due to corruption among our leaders. Our leaders are so selfish that they don’t what to leave because they are their not because of the citizen for their own usual looting of the treasury. Sooner or later the end shall come for them.the problem of Nigeria presently is among the leader. But the innocent citizens are the one paying for their devilish act. May Hod give us leader that will not be sentimental, a leader that is not religiously be headed. The problem we have today is because we are too rich in natural resources


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