Revealed! The Real Reason Why Nadia Buari Dumped Jim Iyke


New York based musician Emma Agu says Jim Iyke regards him as a confidante and he is very close to Keturah, Jim Iyke’s exgirlfriend as well. Way back in April when news first came up of Jim Iyke & Nadia’s split, he published interviews on his website – saying the couple’s relationship was intact.

Apparently, Emma had found out Jim Iyke had allegedly visited Kenturah his ex girlfriend, came to pick her up from Nigeria and he told Nadia Buari who got mad that Jim Iyke allegedly lied to her.

Emma who was angry that Jim Iyke was blaming him lashed out and published mails they exchanged with each other.

 The most sickest creep and a criminal  that walk the face of the earth (Jim Iyke) called me some minutes ago and called me all kinds of names.  He is accusing me of destroying his relationship with Nadia Bauri.

This overrated son of a bitch with his amateurish acting skills thinks his name can bring any good to a writer or a blogger. The man with a tainted name, a rogue  who has burnt every bridge he stepped on is trying to hold me responsible for what ever misfortune that has fallen him in the last 72 hours.

So this montebank sneaked into New York around 5am 3 days ago and did everything to keep it a top secret  until the bubble bust right in front of him. When I got the hint that James was in Keturah’s house, I thought Keturah was lying . The girl said James came
claiming that  his  relationship with Nadia Bauri was over. She also said James (Jim) came  to pick  her up for Nigeria. I told her this guy might be lying.

As a brother and one this crook calls  ‘a confidante,’ I sent him an email  which he never replied. He wanted to make sure Keturah never told me about his arrival to the extent he threw me under the bus. He lied against me and told Keturah stuff that got both of us into a heated argument. So I smelt a rat and decided  to find out from Ghana who is telling the truth.

When I got in touch with Nadia’s manager, he maintained that Nadia was aware Jim went to Miami and insisted that he (Jim) was no way near Keturah’s house. Nadia’s manager subsequently called him, he lied that he was in Miami. I was on the phone with Keturah Hamilton when Nana (Nadia’s manager) sent me a text message saying Jim was in Miami.

I never believed Keturah that Jim was in her house until she showed me a proof. It became very apparent that Jim Iyke lied to both  Keturah Hamilton and Nadia Bauri. Nadia Bauri decided to pull the plug off their ever restless relationship.

Some hours ago, Jim called to insult me. Saying maybe I want to be famous. This writer started enjoying limelight, stardom and fame while Jim was maybe in Secondary School. He said I was the only man on earth he respected till today. I have him on tape and will play it to my world audience by 8am New York time, which should be 1pm Nigerian Time. I need everyone out there to listen and  find out why Jim Iyke should be taken off the streets. The guy can never change. That deliverance by TB Joshua never worked. It was a fluke.

This guy is bipolar , a psycho who needs to see a doctor. I will get him arrested for making threats to my life.  There’s a huge difference between living in America and Nigeria. I will teach him how to live in America.

For  everyone’s information, Jim Iyke is babysitting Keturah Hamilton’s dog while she is in LA with her lover. I have been expecting Keturah to give me the number with which Jim called since he blocked his number when he called.  I will track him down right away.

This guy is a monumental disappointment, fraudster, liar and a cheat. Why is he so mad? The reason is simple. He is looking for a scapegoat. Jim should hold himself responsible for whatever happened to his relationship with Nadia Buari. On the other hand, Keturah Hamilton is no more available. The girl has moved on.


In view of the fact that Jim lost his yet to be buried mum some months ago, Emma says he will not issue further details on how Jim came to New York on his way to Miami and ended being picked up at JFK airport by Keturah Hamilton. He believes at the appropriate time, Jim & Nadia’s publicists will issue a statement on what really is going on.

I’m lost Emma, Sending your article was supposed to make me scared? So much emotion! So much passion, so much bitterness.

Lol, I must have wounded your self professed ego deeply. You sound like a  rejected child- man. Lol. Any body with his head firmly screwed on their shoulders can deduce this for what it us; the desperate act of a deeply troubled insecure man still suffering the throes of middle age crisis.
Keep entertaining truly intelligent people. We will wait your world news at 8.


I’m too focused on what I’m doing to dignify this. I thought there would be something new. I would have wished Karma on you but its already working overtime  in your life.
I expected this tantrums from your son but then again role reversals occur from  time to time.

I sympathize with him wherever he is.
Good luck sir.

Sent from my iPad

SENT: SUN, MAY 18, 2014 1:18 AM

I’ve been threatened by many men Emma. Run?! Anyone can see vendetta from a mile away. You make me laugh. You call yourself an ibo man? You’re a coward Emma. You’ve lost all the respect I had for you.

What’s the worse case scenario? You recorded me questioning your sanity? Who’s the animal now? Who’s the immature person. A man that purports himself a leader yet acts like a retarded child

There’s nothing you can say or put out that hasn’t been done before. You re mad I refused to grant you interviews or suck up to your many gimmicks to kiss ass.

I can read selfish men from miles away. You’ve told me many things about Keturah, Nadia and countless people in my life unsolicited. You’re sly and two faced and I didn’t buy into your story of brotherhood long before now.

God made and put me here not man. Try all you can you will end up where the other desperate creatures did; beneath me.

Good luck sir

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TO: JIMIYKEUNTAMED <[email protected]>
SENT: SUN, MAY 18, 2014 1:18 AM

I guess you dont know me, If only you knew my own madness has reached the market square, you wont dare thread the path that will lead to your destruction. When I started enjoying the limelight, you were not even near a Secondary School. First cut is the deepest, you threw me under the bus and lied over and over to me who has taken all manner of insults on your behalf. You must be a bastard. If you are man enough, call me with a known number and see if I wont track you down right away

  • Jim Iyke writes.

3:09 PM (1 HOUR AGO)


Lol. I know you’re the US president. I see you require several broadcasts and platform to expose me. You re in denial Emma. You can finally stop begging and scavenging for interviews to keep your pathetic outfit afloat. I’ve finally given you relevance.  I’ve always tailored my words around you. You keep referring to Keturah. Which one? The one you tried to burn severally on phone conversations? You’re a pathological liar and that’s what sent you on exile in the first place from Nigeria.

CNN?! Lool. My brother, you really have arrived at the proverbial bend! I’m too busy Emma. Lets see now one week. Two weeks. Maybe a month at worst ill forget you even exist.

I’ll relegate you to the trash can I reserve for haters. Atleast the others made their position clear from get go.  You’re blistering and gloating now. You’ve finally convinced your warped psyche this is the best news ever. False or truth I’ve got to jump on it. Who knows you exist in the continent?

The rest? Well, the rest doesn’t exist. People I don’t know nor bear no economic and emotional value in my life has never had the capability to make me loose a second of sleep.
I’m gonna do myself a favour and direct all the mails that emanate from you to trash where the owner firmly belongs. Its Sunday. I’ve a busy week ahead. Besides FBI, IRS, navy seals and commandos all await me.
You really are shameless Emma.
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  • Emma Agu writes

NRI NY <[email protected] >

You made who relevant? I have done interviews with Omotola, Awilo, Ministers, senators, men and women with proven records. You local boy is telling me you are making me relevant?  Last week alone, I interviewed, Ibrahim Commassie, RTD Inspector General of Police , I also did interview with Prof Femi Mimiko, Vice Chancellor, AAU and also a member of the National Confab. Same goes with Dr. Rabi Ibrahim, Bilksu Majoro, lawyer and a well known activist, Aminu Mahmuid, General Mansur Dan Ali, to name but a few. Tomorrow, I will be interviewing Jerry Gana and Mr. Falana.  These are men and women with proven records dear James. Over half a million Nigerians living overseas tune in to listen to great interviews with great people. Your interview with me brought me no audience, no rating, no feedback. It  was zero. Your name makes my listeners to turn off their appliances. Who wants to listen to a thief and a criminal, I was trying aimlessly to rebrand his image?

For the records, Keturah Hamilton begged me to accept you.  Keturah Hamilton would tell you, I never liked you from the start. I heard you are a thief and she told me not to judge you based on what people  say. I don’t need anyone to convince me now that you Jim Iyke, is a thief, a rouge and a criminal. You live off the sweat and hardwork of women. You have wrecked so many lives. Cursed from every angle of this world, you have been on the run since you duped a married woman you slept with who took your late mum to India and London. You came from a family of ingrates therefore, you have no  mind, no heart no feeling for anyone regardless. It was no surprise how the women you swindled gave an interview shortly after your mum’s demise, saying she never raised you well.

Your name is tainted, news about you drives away people. Ask Keturah, how people hate and loathe you.  You are a bad news.  She will tell you how many times, she had wrangling with folks who were tired of hearing or reading your name. A particular man wrote openly on my fan page , saying-Jim Iyke is bad news-Jim Iyke has squandered his opportunity.

I know folks out here who wouldn’t watch any movie you appear in for a million dollars. The only people telling you about me are rogues like you who have the same evil mindset like you.  Those folks who are equally untalented like you, would resort by any means to use others. A couple of them here, even your friend based in Dallas swindled me once. Birds of the same feather.

Did you not tell me you were relocating to the US to live forever with Keturah Hamilton. Did you not say in my interview with you she was the best thing that happened to your life? The tape is still there maggot!   You left her as soon as you finish making all your fake promises. What about the money she gave you when you opened a so called store in ABUJA. WHAt about the money she gave you when you lied to her you wanted to buy a house?  You left her after looting her.

After wrecking havoc to this woman’s life, leaving her for Nadia, you were not even contented with Nadia Buari that no days passes without you calling Keturah and complained against Nadia Bauri. You had a game plan that backfired, now you want to hold me responsible for your apparent downfall that started from the day you were born.

See all your mates in Nigeria and look at your life. Dude, you will run from pillar to post until your dying day. Ask T B Joshua the man who cast a spell on you about me. You were in Gabon when I started making waves at the age of 12. I have performed before 3 heads of States and also headlines President Barak Obama’s inaugural ball she he was elected.  I wanted to grant you a pass till your bury your dead, now, with your latest hit on me, I will spare no rods , no words to tell the world who you truly are. I am not responsible for your break up with Nadia Bauri. You were caught in the web of lies. Deal with it.

I will not waste my time to write you again. I am a very busy man. I don’t even have time to crosscheck all the stuff I have been sending to you.  I will issue a press release shortly. Deal with it loser. Keturah Hamilton does not want you. Nadia Bauri has left you. Deal with it!

  • From: Jim Iyke

<[email protected]>
TO: IKTUNE <[email protected] >
SENT: SAT, MAY 17, 2014 11:53 PM

Are you still going on about this? Is that all? In a few days I won’t even remember your last name. That’s how much I’ve trained myself to shuffle trash firmly where it belongs; in the dark recess if my mental archives!! Lol

Why are you still trying to justify yourself? Why would I hide from a mutt? You ll be so crushed when you discover what I came to the states for. This is nothing! I’m overjoyed you finally dealt your real hand. Only a retard will make you a mentor. If you were contented with your life and family why are you all up in other people’s lives to create relevance for your far from desirous one. What you have is not even a proper platform. You had to solicit help everywhere ? Lol how pathetic !

Its unfortunate you re not worth the trouble. I’ve had reason to travel to many cities of he world for the project I’m currently working on.

I didn’t realize there was an embargo as regards where I can go or can’t go to do bizness in the states. Why are you trying to develop heart attack on my account. Who made you judge and jury? Have you considered there’s a chance even if its remotely considerable that you might be wrong? No, your hate runs too deep. Your self righteous insufferable personae has been deeply hurt. Your overestimated self importance has been questioned.

All you do is sit down and mudsling others;Yorubas, Hausas, your fellow ibos, people that genuinely look to you for advice and guidance.

When you reached to me. I came out cause I believed at first. But something about you didn’t ring right. I’ve honed my instincts very well Emma. Time just confirmed it!

What else do you think you owe younger ibo men. Money? A platform for image laundry and fame. You owe us your word! It means everything. In your throes of introspection a part of you will tell you I’ve done you no wrong. I’m a bereaved man trying to do my business quietly and bury the most important woman in my life. If you had any iota of emotion in you, you will honour that. I’ve wasted a great deal of energy in he past being caught up in his circle of hate you all create. I’m beyond that now.

I was never rude. Always attentive and respectful. Even thanked God a few times for the man I thought you were. When you’re done with your attempt to wreck me what’s next? I hope you will find some satisfaction. I hope you find justification. I hope for you’re sake you won’t be staring at another empty space where you will wish you had handled matters differently.

How well do you live your life that you so perversely without cause decide who is living less desirous lives in your eyes? Are you trying to play God? You holds you accountable? It was so easy to reach me and insult me by e mil yet you claim you couldn’t reach me upon my arrival in the states. You posted an article long before you sought out the truth. A one sided version you hurriedly put out to fulfill your desire for vendetta.

You claim you have kids. Life is a bitch! They will run into their road blocks. People will return the favour you’ve done others a thousand fold.

I refuse to be caught in your web. My justification is in time. Yours is in all the double agents and ass kissers cheering you. When your eminent rock bottom happens I pray the cheering continues.

If I am to be obliterated as you all perpetuate, hasn’t it occurred to all of you why it hasn’t and won’t happen. I don’t know how I got here. Ill never know. Neither will all of you. Emma my name is IKECHUKWU.
Its God’s engineering not man. Therefore no man can destroy God’s creation. I don’t hate you and I never will. Nobody is worth it.   I’m still here. I’m still prosperous. I’m still breathing. I’m still potty in God’s hand. I’ve no business fighting a battle that isn’t mine. God is in control. Why don’t we wait and see. It is well.”


  1. Some people reactin like dey know it all, wen we all know some raise and fall likewise Some people will target ur weak point to destroy ur reputation …. JIM open ECC 9 vs 11 and put ur trust in God.

  2. Hmmm, goin tru all dis mail, dis emma of a guy is really lokin 4 publicity, likke it or nt, jim jas da fame more thn u do, I dnt evn knw u mannn! Jim has his bad side, but da truth is dat u,re really lokin 4 attntion, jim should jst keep silence, cus he is evn helpin u nw be reach fame! Lol atlst I knw ur name now lolz, bros shts always happns, lok 4 peace!!

  3. My dear emma pls grow up, u had a misunderstanding with ur friend and ur calling the family all kinds of name. Jim is a local boy because he is in nigeria, and u always come from america to interview people in nigeria. Pls focus on ur business and leave jim

  4. This emma of a thing is disgusting,how can a a sane person talk abt someone else family as if u are also clean aint u a human? Jim hav its ow bad side and u want to capitalise on that to get publicity and come back to limelight cos av never heard abt u not until now..grow up man

  5. well,despide that people said i look like jim which they favor me with money sometime,if people hated jim i woundnt might be receiving favor sometimes EMMA take it easy with jim,Actually i have not seen jim before Settle with jim,pls did any body know the date of the jim mothers buriel i want to be there live.

  6. M just hearing these names for d 1st time, Emma and Kenturah. Thats not d issue though… am not happy with d split though (Jim n Nadia). I wish u cud come back together again. this rminds me of a friends who told me 3yrs ago tht he woundnt mind getting raw with Nadia ones at d sum of $10,000… i laff.

    Emma… pls b jentle wit Jim.. u two should stop exposing ursefs on social ntwk. i dnt like it. forgivef eachother n come back together again. dont let common women come btw u both…. pls i beg una ooo make una no tlk like d women.. i love u both.