Robin Thicke And Paula Got A Divorce Bacause Of A Woman They Were Sharing

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We all knew that Robin Thicke and former wife Paula were a weird bunch but we didn’t know it was this serious.
New facts emerging state that Paula Patton split from her husband  Robin Thicke in February after 20 years together and it definitely has to do with another woman.
Read how Star magazine reports it below: –
Paula and Robin had been carrying on a consensual ménage-a-trois (three-way relationship) with a massage therapist. But when Patton allegedly found out the other woman – who is being called Jasmine and her husband were having a two-person affair behind her back, all hell was let loose.
“Paula felt betrayed and humiliated by both Robin and Jasmine. These were two people she thought she could trust the most, but in the end everything backfired on her.
At first, Robin tried to act as though his extracurricular affair with Jasmine was no big deal. He couldn’t understand why Paula was upset, the source says, since she’d been fooling around with Jasmine too.
That reaction angered Paula even more. Robin pushed Paula to allow Jasmine into the bedroom with them in order to spice up their sex life, and she reluctantly agreed in an attempt to keep him happy,” the source explains.
Paula banned Jasmine from their home. But although she tried to put the incident behind her as a one-time fling, Paula’s suspicions gnawed at her that it had been going on for a while.”