Senator Smuggles Fake Bomb Into Parliament To Mock New Security Rules

An Australian senator has taken a fake bomb into Parliament House to demonstrate security vulnerability.


Senator Bill Heffernan surprised the Australian Federal Police Committee that gathered to discuss the recent security changes when he raised a metal pipe bomb and some black candles wrapped in white tape to look like explosives.

He said that he brought the items through security screening gates in a plastic shopping bag and went unnoticed. Heffernan noted that most people working in this building know that it’s safe but at the present time there’s nothing to stop anyone from bringing bomb in here.

He appealed for people to help him convince the Finance Department to drop streamlined security arrangements at Parliament House. Namely he insisted on random searches on members of parliament and staff.

“This building is no longer secure … so I just thought … that I should demonstrate today what a joke the security has turned to in this building, and I must emphasise that the big weakness in having the clearance … is the risk of people who might be subject to compromise,’’ he said.

Federal Police Comissioner,  Mr Negus, confessed that he knew about the “act of mockery” as Senator had warned him about his venture in advance. A new approach to security screening сan be adopted in the nearest future.

Source: ABC News