Senator To Ag. Gov. Umar: ‘It’s Better For A Primary School Drop Out To Be Governor Than Allow You Ruin Taraba’

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Emmanuel Bwacha-Garba UmarThe battle for the soul of Taraba State has taken a new dimension with the Senator representing Taraba South, Emmanuel Bwacha, declaring that the state would be better off in the hands of a primary school leaver than allowing Acting Governor Garba Umar continue on the seat.

Bwacha, who is a staunch loyalist of recuperating Governor Danbaba Suntai, disclosed that Umar swore to Suntai that he would not contest the 2015 governorship elections, vowing to stop him if he goes ahead and contest.

The senator, in an open letter on Tuesday, accused the acting governor of stoking the flame of division between the Tivs and Jukun people of Taraba.

Bwacha said: “I am compelled to write this letter because I owe it as a responsibility to provide leadership and light where darkness and confusion have taken over. There comes a time in the life of a man when silence is no longer considered golden”.

He accused Umar of instituting in the state “tyranny and dictatorship”, which he said is the “worst possible disservice to mankind”.

Bwacha continued: “I opposed your becoming deputy governor from day one and now I’m more than vindicated.

“I warned Suntai, now see what we have. I’m aware you swore to Suntai about your ambition.

“You know this and your God knows, because Suntai actually expressed his reservations a day before he accepted you.

“You told him that you won’t pursue any personal ambition but see what you are doing: campaigning vigorously.

“Did you expect me to keep quiet when our people were ambushed and killed by insurgents who confessed that someone paid them to come and unleash hell in our area?

“You expected me to chicken out when you told some of your minions in Jalingo that it was not herdsmen who were attacking the Tiv people but the Jukun dressed like Fulani.

“This, you had hoped would incite Tiv against Jukun. You don’t know that Jukun and Tiv are now united against any form of criminality?

“It is better for a primary school leaver to be governor than allow you ruin Taraba. We won’t let that happen to our people”, the senator insisted.

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  1. PLEASE,can somebody help n ask BWACHA what types of illness is disturbing him.bwacha realy insisted to b the govenor of taraba but no way.a murderer n useless leader who can't provide a common water in his village.also since as a senate un-uble to offer j

    PLEASE,can someone ask BWACHA wat types of ilnes is disturbing him,bwacha insisted to b govenor of d state but no way.since he was a senate he’s un-able to offer job oppoturnities n social amenities to his zone.pple of his village are crying of no WATER but dat is not his prblem he focuses on cousing crisis in his zone n home town mararraba.unfornately,all dis jagons uttered by him will not qualify him to be d govenor.if u really wnt the sit of d govenor is no untill u create a confussion in d state its a GOD gift n natural not by ordinary human being as u are.let me assure u after dis present status even a council u will never get it.u ar down grading ur personality simply b/cos UTC is a MUSLIM.u ar d person dat created a religion sentiment churh n public b/cos of govenorship sit.uptil now u ar not tire anytime u ar tire let us knw useless n untincable person.look at a single road Donga to mararraba n hw many years hv u in senate.what hv u contribute to ur village n it local gov’t.Donga.what? tell public

  2. pls alow this gas to rest who tell u that the people of his village a.cring 4 water if so what is on. Problem d, remmeber evirything have his time

  3. Bwacha,if u like kill all d moslems and hausa\fulani of d southern taraba b\4 contesting for d govship in 2015 and see.Whether u like it or not U.T.C is ur Boss and he will b our gov in 2015.wawa

  4. Well, does dat causing crisis in taraba time shall come dat Allah will point dem out in public.u mobilzed n hire killers to cause crisin in d state simply bcos UTC a muslim.BWACHA a trouble maker let me tell u every living human including u most test d trial of dead.fullish man.ur causing problem in d state bcos of govenor sit.wat hv u done to ur local govt.n ur hometown defferent,tomorrow n ext keep on outering senseless information agains UTC anytime u tire let us knw.useless pple wit back ambition.if i may ASK is it u dat giving power or Allah? are u pple wants to compete wit Allah or are u d one dat brought umar.or would u show Allah dat u know better tham him.if d touch u now u will say u are a good christian.we shall see KARSHEN ALEWA KASA

  5. Those of you who support UTC are doing that just best on Religion. AAnd that is why this country can never be in peace. If not I’ve never seen a betrayer like UTC. Yes you said time shall tell and we shall see.


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