Shettima Provided Misleading Information On Missing Girls – DHQ

Director of Defence Information, Maj. Gen Chris Olukolade, said Borno State officials had provided wrong information on the missing Chibok girls, Today reports.


Photo: Kashim Shettima

In a recent interview with African Independent Television (AIT) Olukolade claimed that Borno governor Kashim Shettima and the state senators gave misleading information, which resulted in the waste of resources.

He narrated that Shettima had previously reported the movement of some 60 vehicles, and DHQ immediately sent an aircraft to search the area, but nothing was spotted.

He lamented that many pieces of information in connection with the abduction, no matter whether they are coming from the governor or from ordinary people, are unhelpful because it tends to just want to wear us out and expend resources.

“By the time aircraft goes on air, you can imagine the resources involved. We have a series of that experience… Once the information comes, a lot of action goes into place instantly.

According to him, although the security forces expect that the senators might provide useful information, in many cases “they also mislead”.


  1. Shetima’s body language speaks volume of involvement wit them (bh). dat man kws much which d rest of us dont. i sujest he be suspended n quized.

  2. Its so funny when we talk like people who are illiterate, dull and senseless. Personally, I think the DHQ should have known that all the misleading info is from someone who is a member of the BH and it is aimed at diverting their attention from the true position of the terrorists.

  3. This issue of Boko Haram should be taking seriously.We should stop playing politics with it. our population is being reduced on a daily basis as a result of incessant attacks from these mindless killers called boko haram.


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