SHOCKER: Popular Nigerian Singer Blasts President Jonathan, Calls Him…….

Famous Nigerian singer, Eniola Akinbo, popularly known as Niyola, has likened President Goodluck Jonathan to the animal leader in the novel Animal Farm.


The EME Records singer made this comparison while expressing her displeasure with the leadership style of President Jonathan especially on his handling of the missing school girls in Chibok, Borno State.

The Love To Love You crooner, who is fondly called the first lady of EME Records, likens the situation in the country to George Orwell’s legendary novel, Animal Farm.

A novel where animals, led by some pigs, chased away the human minders of the farm, took over the helms of affair and turned round to inflict untold hardship on other animals, killing some, maiming others and generally making life difficult for their subjects.

While tweeting on her Twitter handle, Niyola also describes the president as a Zoologist, blaming him for the troubles the country is going through presently.

Below is her tweets:

Source: Pulse


  1. Will appreciate it if you spell out the name of whoever is saying whatever they are saying on your headline, so that i won’t bother opening details, cos this is a waste of my time. She foolishly spoke like the rest of the unreasonable citizens that blame the presidenT for every wrong.

  2. Niyola should apologise to the president, cos wat she did may inflict a generational stigma called cause on her unborn children. you don’t open ur mouth any how to say baldadash bcos u want to gain attention. Be wise young lady Niyola.

  3. I don’t like insulting people but this particular person is insane. By the I don’t even knw her and don’t even knw if she is a Nigeria so her opinion is not needed bcs she isn’t a reasonable human being. Her dressing tell what she is

  4. 85 percent of Nigerians are insanes,someone like this element without symbol is just saying rubbish,just using Andrew liver salt for her aheadache, tell her whenever she talks like this again,she will pay bountifully for it.Good for nothing lical singer.

  5. First of all wat makes her popular? Don’t even knw her to start with. Mayb if ur sacked u’ll blame mr president. God will punish u all haters of good government. He has done nothing yet he invites external help is not enough mayb he shld carry a gun and enter bush to search for d girls then u’ll believe him. U as a star u claim to be, wat hav u contributed to d search of these girls? Ashawo

  6. It is nt as easy as it is for d president.pple dat ar doin all dis ar lukin for his downfall nd after he finish reignin u will see evrytin will calm down cos he is no more on d sit.niyola as if boko haram ar easy 2 deal wit or d crisis is easy 2 solve let assume dey hv get hold of ur family u won’t b able 2 talk.u ar among d zoologist cos u dress anyhw 2 corrupt d young even d lyrics of ur song is F9 nd u ar here insultin ur president cos u bilive u ar a celebrity nd so u nd him ar eatin nigerians money.well I blame dis boko harams sef cos dey ar nt doin deir wrk well,dey ar suppose 2 kill all dis celebrities spendin money labishly,postin pics,buyin cars nd houses nd usin deir videos 2 increase corruption nt all dis our poor family nd parent dat ar managing 2 eat.niyola a singer my foot ur lyrics nd u ar corruptin nigeria.mtcheeeeeeeeeeew

  7. Niyola is right, the President is not helping the Nation at all ,immediately the Jonathan became the president,boko haram was arised since then he hasn’t did anything to solve it,yet he want to contest for the next election,why can’t he liv the post when he knows that there mission is to destroy is goverment, he just sit there doing nothing no improvement in the nation ,so any animal like him can support him all of you are enemy of progress fuck you all.

  8. U no get respect oh! Abeg hw Mr President carry d cause d problem wey naija get. Na him buy d bomb for den or which one or na e house dem abduct d girls keep. Abeg blow better trumpet babe. U no try at all.

  9. Ashowo and a local,unpopular musician,you are seeking attension fool.people are fighting the president bcos he is not from the north.EmE nor get levels were Gej show for stupid lable like EME

  10. I don normally make post…buh am forced to say people like who ever she is…a nobody have the nerves n gutz to say rubbish about His Excellency, the president federal republic of NIGERIA…She’s very stupid and need to be punished.

  11. Na wa oh! So our president has become a tool that anybody will wake up and say trash about. As it easy to be president lead ppl why her papa no go turn president? If u’re trying to be popular insulting the president won’t gve u that fame na. Evn fr Malaysia 239 ppl enter plane and till 2mrw the world dnt knw their where about.

  12. I Lack words to describe you Eniola and all those like minds of yours that are supporting your coment.
    For the best of your interest, tender your public and unreserved apology to Mr. President and the entire nigerians with immediate effect, Learn to criticise constructively with FACTS, always seak to know why people criticise/condem before joining them-remember the Biblical saying that Narrow is the good way but Broad is the part that leads to destruction. So be mindful of how you’re swept away by the multitute. I PRAY for all of you that are condeming GEJ never to have reasons to cry after this present government of GEJ. May God forgive you all, give you understanding and open your eyes to see clearly before you die in your ignorance.

  13. Is she a nigerian or a nigerien? Any way she said the president is not ruling like animal in the animal farm. Pls ask her abt wht she would do to help in any of the bordering issues? Pls tell her see he she can revive a dying musical carrer or better still join politics.

  14. Offices of mr President is made for every of Nigeria citizen to respect, but seeing a rejected prostitute, & a street sex graduate like this worthless capital idiot that called her self eniola has decided to bring her local class out, so that people will know the stuff & material she was made off that make her popular, because of her personal & ungodly relationship with some selfish politician in nigeria she think that she can just come out on media & said what I describe a dent to her name note Mr President, lets keep this for reference purpose.

  15. Niyiola u should know that it is not easy to rule humans being so abusing the president is not the best. We should all join hands together to look for solution. It is not the work of the president alone. God will help u and expose the evi people call boko haram in Jesus name. Amen

  16. The problem is that because any half dressed prostitute who have exposed her useless body for the world to see is now seen as a celebrity that is why this one can open her mouth to say the nonsense she has said. What we expect from these little whore is solution and not abuses.

  17. I think niyiola Is a disgrace 2 EME family 4 saying dis 2 our president also this show hw responsible she is in her family…..little wonder she left schoool 4 music…u b ashewo just looking 4 cheap publicity…….an harlot

  18. This is not new.Your own father and mother are animals and the farm is in your compound.Fucking girl with smelling ass and pussy full of maggots.You are talking because others do.Beast of no gender

  19. niyola u are looking for attention and fame just like Beverly osu in bba. me I can’t be your fan never will l.u suck! I dislike u from now am sure a lot of others will. eedris is even better than u cos he supported GEJ.

  20. Sometimes I’m amazed the way most Nigerians act. Most people dat commented here are thesame ones who will abuse GJ in their closet. The lady is better than some of her critic who don’t know what they stand for let alone what they’ll die for. To you her opinion might be wrong, but she expressed it. What is your own opinion? This attitude of standing for nothing and having a filled day in criticizing others who do, is what led Nigeria to the mess of unimaginable evil of poverty, dramatic education, unproductiveness, researchlessness, etc, amidst unimaginable blessings in both material and human potential. We need more people like her talking out what they stand for. In my own opinion, things are not working because of unbelievably, selfishly and wickedly bad leadership and followers hip in which the leadership is more emphasized as leadership is responsibility ‘simple’. On what to do- we must develop visions that will form a lasting solution to this mess. Strive towards achieving and someday we’ll have a collective hope.
    My proposition: build substantial, practical, relevant, realistic, regulated and moral education and the country will be better.
    1. Morally regulate the mind
    2. Academically orientate the man.

  21. Where is dis harlot came 4rom a popular nig singer who’s name never came 2 my mind I hope is not dis prostitude I saw in Italy some yrs back ,in Napoli u better keep quiet nd close ur smelling ass

  22. That this country is a democratic one does not mean we should be barbarians. “Charity begins at home” if she had received a good home training from her parents, she would at least feel the weight of her words before noting it out. Well if she liken or see Mr. President as an animal, then she is also an animal becos “An animal will only govern or rule over another animal”. If you say the head is not ok, “How will the head be good if other parts of the body are bad? if GEJ is not good for the seat, who will be good for the seat without your and my maximum support? my dear young girl please get fame in a more positive way and not a negative way. May the good Lord see u through your career even as you seat back reason and appologise to GEJ. Thanks

  23. Niyola, are you aware that the President has the right to deal with you for this rubbish you vomitted….You better apologise before it is too late…am not sure you know any thing about leadership…next time learn to talk wisely and like a celebrity u claim you are coz me ma no even know whether u be musician..ur dressing corrupts nigerians

  24. Lolzz..niyola,u don hear ram today.. Nxt tym u tink bfor u act up.. Its nt as easy as u tink..we knw GJ isnt rily wokin as we xpect him to,bt aside dat,insultin him wudnt mak him or ma him.. U r jst flautin ur greed of disrespectfulnes worldwide ,wich is bad..even if u gat to act up towards GJ,do it witin ur frds or colleagues n nt publishin a word grown full of insult on a man hu is old enof to b ur fada.. Niyola-drunk in love..i lov d song..

  25. What a self styld musical idiot dat shld b teling odas 2 respect d office of d presidnt of her nation, instead, abusing him dis way. U must b very insultive at home. Dat shows who u ar. Ur music boss has a lot 2 do on u. Wen musicians abroad ar encouraging & making sugestion 4 d way forward 2geda with their presidnt, here u ar insulting Gej bcos he is so simple. If d man u cal animal as u 2 date him u wld gladly accept it. U cant b relevant by dis babaric act. Gosh!

  26. I don’t need an expert to tell me that whosoever the acclaimed Nigerian singer is, she’s just “A Bitch” trying to gain attention or popularity. I v never seen or heard of ur wretched name among Nigerian music artists

  27. niyola, you are not popular…
    the only book niyola has read in her life is animal farm……
    niyola, leadership is not by coming out naked on net to say wht u can not explain…..
    niyola, your younger ones will call you animal…….
    niyola, GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN is nt a pig…… but Niyola is a bitch, a prostitute cos u have slept with many men in d name of sponsoring ur noisy character….
    Niyola, u need to go back to secondary school

  28. am surprise a so called public figure should tlk do foolishly.well I dnt blame her she wants to be group among the likes of queen latifa and other great actress like angelina and others.listen to them talk u will never hear them insult anyboby yet their message on this abducted girls are so strong thar every American listen to then and some even join the campaign on the street and everybody listen but you like the bokoharam open ur mouth and some of us are asking who is this.grow up and learn how to tlk like s public figure.

  29. Nnniyola,you the apologies to Nigerian for disparaging them with this comparism.While we accept that you are entitled to your opinion,you need to recognize that the person of the president must not insulted or scandalised.Just like your parent at home you cannot afford to talk to them like children who are inexperienced about the details of our complex humanity and more importantly the Nigeria you think that you know so well.Posterity is the ultimate judge,you really have gone too far in a matter you know so little about.Shalom

  30. Niyola is suffering from a monumental brain dehydration that requires immediate psychiatric correction. Other responsible celebrities such as Mercy Johnson, Genevive, Tonto Dike many more and even foreign artists are on the campaign on “Bring Back our Girls” then this myopic unconspicuous slot is busy insulting his excellency. I pity your carreer

  31. The pattern of education in Nigeria has destroy the thinking of most of us,we fail to realize that every individual has his/her rights to express his/her thought.Are we not in an animal nation where some animals are more animals are more equal than others,where both the president and his so called first lady will call two different parallel meetings on the same issues like there’s a section where the office of the first lady is spelt in our constitution,where money got missing from the beginning of the year till the end of the year and nothing would be done,where ministers behave as if they are more superior to the rest of the country,we failed to see things ourselves and that’s why we are where we are!

  32. The lady has a right as a Nigerian to express her displeasure. I said earlier that my illiterate grand mother in the village is more philosophical in her thinking than a lot of graduates today in Nigeria. They are soo docile and ordinary in their sense of judgement. No wonder.A country where people pay for smarter ones to write entry exams for them.This country is s disaster about to happen.

  33. Truly everyone as right of expression,niyola their shld be a better way u can express ur feelings rather than insulting d entire Nigerians. In a country where d apex is referring 2 as animal mean every 1 under him is automatically an animal,in advance country there’s freedom of speech but they don’t pass insult 2 their apex,they we rather challenge d govt. so Nigerians deserve apology 4rm u.

  34. You what I think you should be likened to a foolish pervert. What us your father doing that he can’t go and look for the girls. You urself what re u doing that u can’t look for d girls. Idiot from Jupiter. I’m sure ur father is foolish man for producing a pervert like you.