Student Loses Testicle After Cop Kicks His Groin During Arrest


A University of New Mexico law student lost a testicle after scuffling with an officer earlier this month, and now there’s video evidence of the melee.

Progress Now released court documents and a video of the DWI arrest earlier this month. Footage shows Albuquerque officer Pablo Padilla appear to knee 24-year-old Jeremy Martin in the groin. The four-and-a-half minute video, which was filmed by Padilla, also appears to show Martin refusing multiple demands to sit down or stop talking.

He was initially pulled over for running a stop sign on campus. Padilla asks him to get out of the car and sit on the curb, which he does. But when Martin gets up and approaches Padilla, a verbal and then physical altercation begins.

Martin says that doctors removed one of his testicles after the groin kick he sustained.

KOB transcribed some of the dialogue in the video:

  • {Padilla} Sit down, what don’t you understand?
  • {Martin} I understand.
  • {Padilla} Sit down sir right now.
  • {Martin} Can I, can I please…
  • {Padilla} Sit down or I’m going to put you down.
  • {Martin} … have one of my friends drive this truck away?
  • Padilla then tells Martin he’s been drinking and driving, and repeats Martin’s admission he’s had three beers.
  • Martin follows Padilla’s orders and sits, but then stands up a second time.
  • The transcript continues:
  • {Padilla} Sit down right now. Sit down right now.
  • Sit down right now or I’ll mace you. It’s real simple.
  • {Martin:} Mace me. Mace me please. I would love for you to mace me. That would be fantastic sir.
  • {Padilla:} You need to sit down.
  • {Martin:} Let my friends drive the truck away and let me walk away.
  • {Padilla:} That’s not how it works.
  • Martin continues to argue with Officer Padilla, and that’s when a scuffle takes place.
  • {Padilla} Turn around.
  • {Martin} Don’t kick me in the nuts, you (expletive).
  • {Padilla} Get on the ground!
  • {Martin} (expletive) you!

Progress Now told HuffPost Crime that officer Padilla has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. Its executive director, Patrick Davis, was upset by the video.

“Instead of asking for backup or using less physical compliance techniques, the officer puts away his tools and overwhelms an young intoxicated man with such force in a most sensitive area that he causes the man to, understandably, respond even more strongly,” Davis said in a press release.



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