This Man Robs Bank With Stick: Cops


When he said “stick ’em up,” he wasn’t kidding.

Andrew Murray, 33, is accused of attempting to rob a bank last Friday afternoon using a stick as his weapon.

Police in Neptune Beach, Florida, say a masked man they later identified as Murray entered a SunTrust Bank around 2:45 p.m. brandishing an object wrapped in a plastic bag. Witnesses described the object as a stick.

Murray allegedly shouted, “Nobody is going to get hurt if you give me $50,000 from the vault,” reports.

After receiving an undisclosed amount of cash, Murray ran off.

Police used a Taser on Murray, before taking him into custody.

Murray had $124 cash on him, and a mask, gloves and pair of boots was found nearby, according to

Murray has been charged with armed robbery and is currently at the Duval County Jail, in lieu of $52,506 bail.