Unical Lecturer Battles To Live After He Was Shot In His Office

Gunmen suspected to be students, Tuesday, shot a lecturer in the University of Calabar, Dr Godwin Iwatt in his office mortally wounding him.

The lecturer who was shot in the stomach was rushed to the General Hospital Calabar where he is still in a coma at the emergency unit of the hospital with doctors battling to save his life.

An eyewitness who spoke to Vanguard on condition of anonymity said the lecturer was in his office at the Department of Microbiology at about 3 pm when two persons suspected to be students went into his office and opened fire on him. [Vanguard]


    This is not unexpected. The university is notorious for breeding cultists, condon and encourage laziness. These cut accross both staff and students.
    It is an institution where sorting and corruption are highly encouraged and the authority look the other side.
    If you are a lecturer and you want to distinct yourself from corruption you will end up in the bad book of the authourity. Before you know they cook up a story against you that will either deter your progress or put an end to your carrier.
    The worst offence is to refuse to pass a Crossvarian student especially those affliate with politicians. The believe is that the more discriminatory and hostile those indegens at the top are the more political power they gain.
    This is not a mere talk but deduction from what the author is presently passing through. The author is presently suffering an illegal suspension for nearly six years now without pay because he refused to comply with intimidation from one of the numerous concubines of one time Senate President, Senator Joseph Wayas. Wayas threathened me and effect hhis threat.
    The case is in court. Despite the judgment and rulings in favor of the plaintiff, I the author, the university still refuse to comply — exploiting lapses in our legal process to frustrate me.
    Therefore the students are either reacting to show their annoyance to extreem exploitation or refusal of the lecturer to comply with sorting. Since they always have the backing of those in authority most of who are also in cult, they have less to fear.
    No other reason the institution is a seat of corruption and academic fraud. So many laxities are condoned.


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