US Marines Locate Abducted Girls Using Satelites, Arrest One Of The Boko Haram Commanders – Vanguard

MDG : Nigeria : School girls walk home School girls walk home in Maiduguri , Borno



This post was first published on Vanguard Newspapers, see the story and a link to the original story on Vanguard below:

Military sources told Saturday Vanguard in Abuja that members of the United States Marines who are already in Maiduguri following the promise by President Barak Obama to assist Nigeria in rescuing the abducted girls, located the girls inside the forest, using some Satellite equipment which combed the forest, located an assembly of the young girls and sent the images back to the Marines on ground in Maiduguri.

Aside locating the whereabouts of the girls in the dense forest, it was also, further gathered that one of the leaders of terrorist group who participated in the abduction of the girls was arrested by a combined team of the US Marines and Nigerian forces.

Sources said that the Boko Haram leader was arrested, through an advanced interceptor equipment which was used to track the terrorist while exchanging information with his colleagues in Sambisa Forest about the movements of American and Nigerian soldiers in Maiduguri.

His phone was subsequently traced to a location in Maiduguri where he was arrested and handed over to the Nigerian military.

The location of the girls in the forest is contrary to widespread reports that the girls had been distributed and ferried to the Nigerian border towns in Chad, Cameroon and Niger Republic.

Senator Ahmed Zanna, representing Borno Central District in whose Maiduguri home, an alleged Boko Haram top commander was once arrested told the Senate last week that he gave the Military an up-to-date information on how the girls could be rescued, but lamented that his information was largely ignored.

He spoke against the backdrop of the claim by the Boko Haram leader, Sheik Abubakar Shekau, last week that the girls were booties of war, who would be sold into slavery.

Atiku appeals for unity to defeat Boko Haram

However, the arrival of the foreign military officials is coming on the heels of the appeal yesterday by the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar on Nigerians to unite and fight the insurgents.

Atiku said on his blog, “While I have had and continue to have major policy differences with the government in Abuja and its leadership, as a nation we must remain united.

”We have come to a turning point in our war against terrorism in Nigeria. It is a critical moment for us; the war will not be won without us winning this battle. In short, if one is not part of the solution, they become part of the problem.

”And at a moment like this, we can no longer afford anything but a united commitment to stamping out a great evil that threatens the very existence of the only place we call home.

”On social media, I have been amazed by the outpouring of solidarity from within and outside Nigeria. While on the one hand it is sad to see Nigeria in the news for its inability to protect its most vulnerable citizens, it is also clear that in the age of social media no concerns or problems are local.

”It is in light of this that I welcome the offer of military support from the United States, United Kingdom, France and others, and the acceptance by the Nigerian government. While I believe that we waited too long to get to this point of admitting our need for external help, I will also insist that it’s better late than never.

”We must make it clear that under no circumstances should any person, group of persons, or organization ever be permitted to prey on the children of Nigeria, or any other country. We must make it easy for everyone who has information about this crime against humanity to contact the authorities at once.

”We must make it easy for the innocent population of the affected areas to see the Nigerian military and authorities as friends, not enemies. We must make it easy for our soldiers to be loyal and committed to this great and difficult task ahead of them.

”We must make it easy for the world to see Nigeria as a country that cares for all its citizens, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnic group or economic class. We must remember the people most affected, trapped on the frontlines of the battle.

They need support, relief   and rehabilitation. ”We must remember they will need help when they are returned home to their families and their loved ones. And we must make it difficult for anyone to play politics with this crisis.

’’Nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth the bloodshed and the destruction we have come to associate with this campaign of terror. Not party affiliations, not the 2015 elections. We are in a race against time. For every day we delay our response, or allow ourselves to be caught up in needless bickering, we hand victory over to the forces of darkness and despair, like Boko Haram.”

No Boko Haram activities in Lagos —Police

In a related development, the Lagos State Police Command said yesterday that the rumour about activities of Boko Haram members in some parts of the state was false.

The Public Relations Officer, PRO, of the state Police Command, DSP Ngozi Braide, made this known at a news conference yesterday, at Premier College Group of Schools, Palm Avenue, Mushin, where the sect members allegedly invaded.

“It is not true that there is any act of terrorism anywhere in Lagos State. It is a lie that the terrorists invaded Premier College to abduct students.

“Somebody just sat down somewhere and cooked up the lies to cause panic in the state.

“Premier College and other schools in the state are safe and secure; let the public discountenance the rumour,“ she said.

The Executive Director of the college, Mr Abraham Martins, spoke in the same vein,   describing the rumour as ”false and baseless.”

There are indications that with the confirmation that the girls are still within Nigerian territory, contrary to widespread reports that the girls have been distributed and ferried out, the original plan to storm Sambisa forest which was put on hold, would now be activated.It is however not clear if and when the the rescue operation would begin.

Nigerian Girl Guides Association expresses worry

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Girl Guides Association,NGGA, has joined millions of Nigerians to express worry over the continued abduction of 234 female students and called on the Federal Government to ensure that the girls are rescued unhurt to re-unite with their families.

The association, in a statement signed by its Chief Commissioner, Dame (Dr) Christie Toby also challenged Nigerians to be security conscious and assist law enforcement agencies in fighting the enemies of the nation.

“The NGGA joins all well-meaning people all over the world to express shock over the abduction of 234 innocent school girls in Borno State.

“We are sad that up till this moment, these girls are still missing. The NGGA, being a female organisation, is specially concerned, and condemns such a heinous act.

“We declare our support for these girls and their families and pray God to strengthen them in these trying times. We appreciate the fact that government is fighting terrorism in Nigeria, but we are appealing to President Jonathan to ensure that these girls are returned safely to their families so that they can continue with their education.

“We also appeal to all security agencies and people of goodwill to support President Jonathan as they work to bring back our dear girls,” the statement added.



  1. Oh my God, how i wish this is true. We really need our girls bk. Boko haram, dis has come to d end of the road for u guys.

  2. Given to Nigerian soldiers is not a solution to end this matter, bc there will still let them free.


  4. Ya Salaam,this is the must encouraging news I‘ve read in recent times,wow,the American Marines,the good guys,I like you guys,so intellegent and fully committed,may ALLAH help our military in all there efforts,we are with you guys in prayers till the end.No evil deed can go unpunished,shekau is nothing near Islam,he also is nothing near christianity as the religions categorically dosen‘t encourage killing innocent people,how else does shakau want people to love his regilion,if at all he‘s a muslim?By killing them?He‘s just some sort of evil paid to discredit the religion,he kills both muslims and christian,even more to the muslims,is there any verse in the Holy Qur‘an that says that?Nooooooooooo,shekau will insha‘ALLAHU burn in the depth of the hell fire with all his followers.Hardship dosen‘t last forever,he‘ll fail.

  5. Big up to the sympathy of World leaders for the concernen.This Boko hallam is evil which is surpose to delt with severly.America show the way I trust in you.

  6. Wow, what a way… less than 48hrs. I think ministry of defence should return all our budget, security votes and salaries they’ve received throughout the Bh era

  7. I want you to know that we dont have anything called force in Nigeria because they cannot find soluction for 3weeks and USA Marine use only 2 day and they have find a way forward to our problem…we have a long way to go in Nigeria.

  8. Up USA long live USA long live president obama. Capture all of them rid them off from us. We love u USA. Bring the girls back to us. Because USA represent a free society where every one can dream and fulfil them, we aspire that for ourselves. Alhamdullilah

  9. The boko haram leader shouldn’t have been headed over to the Nigeria security force he could have been taking along with the us army for further information on the reason of this ugly act of killing bombing and kidnapping of innocent people of this great country of ours cos all this things is getting out of hand.

  10. Dis is miraclelous tank 2 obama nd marine soldier but Nija sodier corruptn has brockd there sight

  11. we appreciate u guys for the effort all using ur intelligent to track them, I pray to we continue be with in this to get them arrested in Jesus name, and I’m happy to read d news keep it up.

  12. I really loved all these pieces of news. Infact, I give kudos to all the security agents especially, the Us marine. Guys, well done. Carry on, we are with all of you in spirit and prayers, thank you.

  13. Thank God for the development and God will be with Nigeria solders and the international solders that comes to our aids

  14. Thanks God for whole world crying about the genecide and adupted children in Nig. I thanks Obama, and Marines for there goodjob, if its for President Jonathan noway out, for know he can say anything but f9, faliure, below average, incompetent e.t.c or any qulify grama u may us all, means onethings that is faliure. my president even deniad no children,girls lose. but what know different song. if you are leader and u rule with sentiment, there we be following: incompetence, weak, slow, notcapable e.t.c and at the end it will result to this type of angony Nig is today. Not only mr presido even the militry officer who has always belive sldr are slave, from the passed chief(COAS) who gorven army for good 4yr fighting BH and could not win the war. all of then have to brought to book for faliure of this country and there insincerity with all money budget for equip the militry. the last time i meet with marrine was in Liberia 1996 well equiped and payed for, but in Nig force reverse is the case even a 2lt can eat sldr money without no cough and even when sldr make noise they turn it to crime for there sweat. what a hell of slavery why serving your Nation. there many hand to be cutoff in public to save the future of this country. thank for world that rise for our aide. thank for world power. Long live Nig.

  15. I hope this true, God we thank u for making the search of the abducted chibok school girls a success.

  16. Oh my God! Y shoud they hand dem ova 2 d Nigeria Army? Cos Nigera Army ar part of dem in disguise.US Marines una do well O.Now we can c dat all d money spent on d Nigera forces is useless.

  17. It is our collective prayers that u.s will help in rescuing these girls. But it is mostly likely for such to happen. History has it that america never succeeded in any rescue mission anywhere in the world. From Vietnam to Afghanistan, somalia to Iraq , america recorded total failure. There even some analysts who see this as a fulfillment of their dreams. America can not come when piece reign so they deliberately motivated the misguided group to destabilize the nation hence enter as foreign intervention. The recent video released by shekau has further affirmed this assertion. The amour tanker behind him as he spoke confirmed that the set are being sponsored internationally. If not how can a group of semi illiterate youth would able to buy and safely bring that tanker into sambissa forest despite all the security personnels? You might called all as conspiracy theories. I pray it remain s a conspiracy and the piece be restored as soon as possible.

  18. Thnk God. But let hope on God 2 end all Boko haram plans oh, bcos dose soldiers might b boko haram arresting innocent people.

  19. You guys,what do you think? You think the americans will come waisting their time? Looking the other way round its a shame nigerian soldiers are incapable to solve their problems. They flaunt around in sirens receiving big alocations,pointing interest on our natural resources just to enrich their pockets, they are. Not credited soldiers, sorry

  20. datz watz we all wanted let US troops infuse into d country so as fight diz problem of terror and terrorism……..

  21. This is a fake news,rumor has it that this same man was arrested yesterday @ benue state with a teenager,while this one is saying he’s one of the boko haram leaders and was arrested in borno so which one should we believe?

  22. Shame on nigerian government.notin dey savi do dan to chop our money.witnin 48hrs good news are beginin to come out.qudos to USA.end of d road BH.

  23. When an animal is like a bunch of palm fruit,it requires
    An axe to butcher it.
    Let no man assume himself to be supreme whem u can’t even predict wat d nxt moment holds for ur life.
    This shld also teach us a lesson as individuals dt a tree cannot form a forest.Two heads r better than one.
    God didn’t creat us to b all sufficient bt 2 interdepend.

  24. i’m sorry to say diz,in other round du u tink dis american soldiers wil cum here nd help us without us signing gay contract….Its a big mess…Well kudoz to dhem

  25. Jesus is not a man. Poor Jonathan, God will vindicate you. God will see you throughout the search.


  27. Nigeria, giant of Africa indeed! Let’s be realistic and look for causes not treating the effects. Good luck. God bless Nigeria.

  28. Where are those big mouths that are saying the americans are coming to loot our natural resources?the lord bless obama,his armies & all those international volunteers for this wonderful work,now we have hope.But pls they should take those apes to america bcose our leaders are not trustworthy.

  29. Nigeria kpele o… All our leader know is to loot our monies, elect imcompitent leader who have no IQ of what life is in our God blessed country. This people came all the way from US jst to use maps,sattelites and phone tracking device to capture one mentally derange terrorist. ‘I SORRY FOR NIGERIA’

  30. It’s a pity, Mr Dejavurh, that while every other reader here is hoping that this news is real and our girls really safe you are worried about how much money the US marines will cart away for helping retrieve our girls from these psychopaths! So pathetic.

  31. This Americans will want something in return either exploit our resources and try to make us Nigerians concur to licentious Immoral in the name of human right!!! I Smell bullshit

  32. Oh GOD, I just hope there’s some substance in this, not merely a photoshopped image and some cock-and-bull gist. Poor kids! The Americans are nothing compared to their Nigerian counterparts. With the ease with which they cornered and executed bin Laden in Pakistan, very close to a local security facility, this was always going to be a piece of cake!

  33. Handing a boko haram chieftain to the Nigerian security forces? We know what happens any time they arrest a BH suspect. He simply vanishes into thin air!

  34. Allah ya isa, evil men , stone this evil to death and let him die , he is worst than an infidel.

  35. Wow, kudos to US marines. Nigerian government should learn from that. Imagine, barely 48hrs that we recieved help & better results are coming up due to the gadgets they are having.Should our government have equiped our soldiers, this issue could have been a past. Please, our government do something. Don’t wait till your followers are killed. There can never be a leader without followers. In as much as we need you, so you need us.

  36. Salam. Sultan of Sokoto, Sir Muhammad Sa’ad has
    instructed all mosques & prayer grounds in d country 2
    commence d recitation of Al-qunut in all obligatory
    prayers 4 Allah’s intervention in d killings & destructions
    in the North. Pls pass this on to all muslims across the
    country. Prayer is our only weapon. It is clear that govt either does nt have the will or the capacity to end it. But
    Allah is able. Thanks.
    Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters. We are reading
    20 million Ayat Al Kursiyy today for Adamawa,
    Maiduguri and Yobe Please read 20 and ask at least 10
    Muslims to do the same. Shukran. Share

  37. waoh ! awesome. these girls will finally gain freedom after all these weeks.
    we need to heavily invest into our military . t

  38. I jst hope dis news is real, anyway y is dis big break true not on BBC, CNN, Channelstv,ait or even presstv, hmmm na wow oo !.

  39. This is encouraging. I have always believed in the ability of the US marines. They are exactly what we see in movies.
    But my pple make we take am easy 4 d kain grammar we speak here abeg.

  40. I pray dis s true bt they shouldn’t av handover d terrorist 2 nigeria soldiers, they r betrayer


  42. Fake news. This same man was arresterd in benue yesterday. So what will we believe…shame to nigeria army and fucking president badluck. Rip nigeria

  43. God we thank u 4 d gud wrk. There no security in this Country a tall, let d US do there judgment on own.

    • Boko Haram Leader should not be handed over to any Nigeria Personel or Goverment any how you might called it, it should either be taken away to America or to Britain for useful information that will help the nation Nigeria to know their sponsored as a clear evidence for prosecution without escape from the law.

  44. naija army if u wnt info 4rm terrories u must 1st cut off their legs, hands and burn it. i assure u a quick respond 4rm them n they are punishable by dead

  45. Shame to Nigerian defence. i’m imagining the kind of military and security forces we are having in Nigeria all they demand is there allowance for standing on roads and killing innocent souls. Now look at what happened, in less than 48hrs they used technology and everything is over!
    The defence should return all the money which they had been collecting for years without any positive effect.
    WaPo to Nigerian soldier’s its really disappointing….

  46. Am so happy to here this. This is actually a didgrace to the nigerian security forces. Just few days of the arrival of u.s marine, see results. Am so proud of america. I will be so delighted to hear that shakau has been caught too, I know u.s marine will 3rive @ that too. Well done for the job done so far.

  47. Thank God that the secret of the evil ones are not hidden again, the military Army should verify very well from the man why they aree killing innocent soul and he should reveiw where Shekua dat devil is hidding

  48. Thank God that the secret of the evil ones are not hidden again, the military Army should verify very well from the man why they aree killing innocent soul and he should reveiw where Shekua dat devil is hidding

  49. who is the imbecile that owns this website that is spreading rumours(news )even sky, CNN, channels and BBC haven’t talked about… stupid cheap popularity finders.

  50. Brave american force. Nagode ,pls let our force know world has gone ahead their style of operation. They should enlarge their capacity. Have the knowledge of satellite device to combat terrorism in Nigeria. they should add it to their military scope of operation. No only ground force all time but also satellite device it reduces stress on ground and advance attack approach on the enemy. I believe if our force have the knowledge of this satellite device they would have conquer Boko haram since. Long life Nigeria forces. A big thank to US marines and all glory to Jesus christ.

  51. God bless United State of America, nigeria army go and learn work and stop creating check points and collecting ten ten naira on the road

  52. That’s what soldiers do not giving in to terrorist,I think nigeria forces should learn from the america and stop living in corruption cos they can do these without the americans but corruption and wickedness won’t allow them… US army should extract more infos from the captured insugent and a warrant of arrest should be given to them by the FG to arrest anyone who is found as an accomplice to this terrorist group….. Penalty of such people should death by hanging… God bless America,God bless Nigeria

  53. Kudos to d US Army n also to d Nigerian Army. Do not castigate Nigerian Army,U are a genius,when u can recognise d genius in others n accept d fact dat u need dr help. No person or nation is self-sufficient! God bless Nigeria!!!

  54. Boko haram the coward of all time they have met their waterloo. Thanks to US marine and the patriotic Nigerian army

  55. Shekau is an evil man, he work for Satan, and what he is doing also against the word of GOD almighty scriptures, shekau is not a Muslim nor christian but an evil doer, because there is no area in holy Quran where God almighty say you shall kill no, what he is doing is against word of God and human right and he must not die unpunished.

  56. this is yet another confirmation of classical corruption in d country especially in the highest places. black people all over the world shoiuld learn from this. i do not expect the west to embark on a re-colonization mission even though it is better than what is obtainable in most african countries today. i weep for nigeria. i also pray there won’t be casualties in the rescue mission. may God bless naija and may God continue to bless America, amen.

  57. God is superior than his creation,creator has proved his name above these pollutant that ready to terrorize the peace of Nigerian majority. Who says yes,if not GOD…BOKO HARAM,you are cursed in our land forever in Jesus name,your mission to keep innocent people into hostage and untimely grave has finally exposed you. God shall rain the coal of fire upon you the wicked evil doer. Your sponsored shall equally not go unpunished because no matter how you join hands,sinner shall not go unpunished. Road is closed at you,thank you GOD almighty for USA/foreign troops.

  58. GOD is great,thank to almighty God that use USA and international troops for us,an applause to you…more delivery,your diligent is real to this assignment,may God keep you safe from their dungeon. Happy and big celebration to these girls family,nation and the world at large. Long life to Nigeria,long life to USA in peace and harmony,God bless you all troops!

  59. Guys this news is fake! American soldiers only arrived in Nigeria yesterday and white house spokesperson told d world that their soldiers would not be part of any ground operations as they’ll only support our soldiers on d areas of intelligence and other expert areas. This arrest was not in Nigeria ooo… Someone is pulling ur legs.

  60. Who say shekau is a christain,he is a muslim.He has agenda & sponsors,and some of d peple hailing u s marine nw some of them may or even be his sponsor.And let me also sound a warning to those who call themseves human right activist like Falana & co,u ar nt saying anything nw,but by mistake or anyhow if any of shekau or his men is killed they will start.and since they have nt said anything.But i rest my case for nw.thk u Barack Obama & the U. S marine personnel.

  61. Thank u lord for ur greatness ,for this foreign aid dat was offered by d Americans nt up to 24hrs. God bless Barrack obama nd d marine soilders.we need a colonial rule in dis country for subsequent change in Nigeria. Nigeria is full of corruption,finally thank u for recovering our abducted girls. Remain blessed Americans.

  62. i don’t know why the US marine should handover this bastard to the Nigerian government? make I no hear say the guy miss again oo bicox na una way.

  63. I want to thank American marine for their great job,Giving him to Nigeria army is not the best American should pls take him to Guantanamobe that’s where he belong thank u Obama, u really show the world that Americans ‘re number one in the hole world great job guys pls they should also help us to foolish them out completely from Nigeria they don’t desive to where humans ‘re, and I also want to thank God almighty for exposing them ,end of boko Haram is now

  64. I for seeing saw boko haram acknowledge their wrong doing and apologies to nigerians while some will turned to christian

  65. Yes, its a good development that our girls are finally coming back. But I suggest it sholud be made fast cos this may cause an adverse reaction or treatment on the girls by boko haram if they realise they will be overcomed.howeve, it is embarrassing that innocent citizens are beaten along the streets by useless zombies so called soldiers but they are unable to penetrate the forest. Shame on the nigerian army. Road army yeye

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