VIDEO: Jay Z Attacked By Beyonce’s Sister, Solange

A damming video has been released by TMZ, showing Beyonce’s sister Solange ferociously assaulting Jay Z, in an elevator after the recent Met Gala after party.


In the video Jay Z walks into the elevator with his wife, Beyonce and her sister Solange and then Solange goes crazy and starts hitting and kicking Jay Z as Beyonce stands and does nothing about it.

A large security man has to hold her from causing further damage as Jay Z had to even stop her from striking his private region.

Jay Z did not raise try to hit her back but he just protected himself even as she was going crazy and screaming at him.

Tmz sources who provided them with the video however did not say the cause of the fight.

After leaving the Elevator all three walked outside with Bey and an angry Solange get in one car … security walks



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