Woman Obsessed With Tigers Keeps Them As Pets In Her Back Garden

Meet a 57-year-old woman, Janice Haley, who is obsessed with tigers and keeps them as pets in the back garden of her home in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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Janice proudly shows her сlawed minions, two pet Bengal tigers, Janda and Saber. Janda is a female orange Bengal, she weighs181 kg, while Saber is a white Bengal male weighing 272 kg.

Both of the big cats live in spacious сells, they fed horse meat by hand and washed several times a day. They like to play and cuddle, Mrs Haley describes Saber as a very gentle tiger, says that he even can not go to sleep without sucking on her fingers.

The woman even quit her job as an admin assistant to spend more time working outdoors. In 1994 she saw an advert for a tiger training course in her local paper – and 2 years she brought home her first baby-tiger Chuffer, then in 2002 Janda appeared. When Chuffer died, she bought little Saber to make a company to Janda.

“They pretty much look at me as being their mother. As far as I’m concerned they are my big four-legged furry kids. We have a very special bond – they rub my face and let me kiss them on the nose, we can cuddle with them and hug them.”

After a full day of play and feeding, Janice lies down with the tigers to help them go to sleep.

The woman says that for tigers living in the cages is not the best option but in the wild there is also not a lot of hope for them to survive. That is why her mission is to bring people closer together with the tigers – to build a connection and help save the wild tigers before it’s too late.


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