Young Man Paid N2000 To Set Houses On Fire In Borno

A young man, Ibrahim Tilitili has been arrested after confessing that he was paid the sum of N2,000 to burn down few houses at Mandara Girau village in Biu local government area of Borno state.

Ibrahim, Chibok by tribe and resident of Mandara Girau village confessed that one Mallam Sani also a resident of the Village gave him the amount and instructed him to set some of the houses in the village on fire.

According to residents of the village, Ibrahim had succeeded in setting ablaze three houses and scare the people of the village who started running for their lives to safe heaven before some brave young men pounced on him, when they realized, it was a lone attack.

On realizing that, he was somebody they know in the village, they wanted to kill him, but some elders intervene and he was arrested and taken to Sarkin Baka, a renown hunter in Biu town, where he made confession that, he was actually paid by Mallam Sani who is also resident of the village to set those houses ablaze.

He had since been handed over to the police together with his master.

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