16-year-old Girl R*ped By 15 Men In Port Harcourt

Members of a 15-man gang that allegedly r*ped a 16-year-old girl in Gbuga area of Ogbunabali, Port Harcourt, Rivers State have been arrested by the police.

The state Police Commissioner, Mr Tunde Ogunsakin, told newsmen, yesterday, at the Police headquarters in Port Harcourt that the girl allegedly attended a party organised in the area. She took a glass of strong drink offered her by one of the r*pists which made her pass out before she was allegedly r*ped by 15 men.

“The victim reported that she attended a party at Ogbuga Street in Ogbunabali, Port Harcourt organised by one Tina.

“While at the party, she was given a glass of strong drink by Tambari Dumlesi. That was the last memory she had before she was *by 15 men. She woke up to find herself in torn boxers and with swollen privates.

“The victim has since been taken to the Police clinic for check up and treatment while three suspects have been apprehended. Investigation is still on.”


  1. That should sound as a warning to other Girls who is engaging to take strong win which their head can nt carry. Girls take note of these is a warning.

  2. People die because of greed. Our people say ” LEAF WEY GOAT LIKE NA HIM DEY KILL GOAT”
    It was wat she signed for so that is the result. I hope its also a lesson to the general public.

  3. I which POLICE will make the investigation vivdly,cos those guys need’s to be sentence life in prisonment or castrate them for life, without making this kind of jugdment, that is injustice.

  4. Laz ur really stupid. This is Rape not free sex! I pray it never happens to someone u know you Fuckin nitwit. I wish every man who rapes could be castrated.

  5. I pray dat she wil not be infected wit any form disease. Dis wil will serve as a warning to children of dis days dat likes partying and flexing.

  6. May God help the investigetor, investigate throughly and fine those who commit the incident and punish them accordingly

  7. While is everybody blaming the girl….dis wicked pple might even decide to drug her using non alcoholic wine….we all need to be careful….am surprised everybody is blaming her instead of the rapists…thatreallysucks

  8. What did a 16 year old girl go to do @ a party when she should be @ home helping her mom in the kitchen or reading her books.

    • You are very stupid…and obviously very wicked… wat are men who should be getting jobs, helping society and marrying doing organizing parties and raping small girls.. May God judge all those who look beyond this terrible evil to blame/judge this small girl… freaking sodomites…

  9. If a girl of 16yrs has gotten d liberty to party at night, den her parents has failed in their duties. Children of dis days r always in haste. Dey don’t want to wait for their time dats y dey end up in d hands of evil doers.dey want to do d things elders r doing, dey want to enjoy everything including sex not knowing that everything in life has its consequences. I pray our sisters and daughters don’t fall prey in Jesus name. By d way, is she d only girl in d party? How come 15 men got attracted to a 16yrs old girl. Is she d only girl in d party dat drank from d strong drink, wat abat her friend, neighours, atleast, someone must have invited her to d party. D story is not striaght forward hope d police work with wisdom as they begin their duties. But d lesson is learnt, parents be watchful over ur children, mind you, wat happened to dis girl in question could happen to any one no matter d age, we should all be careful d places n things we do even in d midst of pple we call friends.

    • And the parents of the men have succeeded in their duties? wat d hell is this!!… why is religion always placing different standards for men against women…let your condemnation be without bias plz…rape on its own is bad enuf but rape by 15 men is pure evil.. all the men should be apprehended and their parents alike… especially their fathers if they have any…

  10. As small,she hve d mind going out for party,thankGod that she is not death,dat shows dat she herself is an expart of it,and let dat b an example to all girls dat like going out to anyhow invitation.if is Church programme she will not go,dat s y she hve to pass through sum teaching

    • Rape by 15 men is some teaching? God have mercy on your soul… comments on this page only proof the level of wickedness religious people posses… May God have mercy….

  11. Hmmmm GOD dey but 16yrs shd b secondary school girl so dat suits her nonchalant attitude to what good pple teaches dat will surely b lesson 2all including guys cos dey can b kidnap n use 4 money ritual but pleasure won’t allow dem to stop.dat serve her right

  12. @Emmanuel u’re here cursing and Abusing is it right for 16years to attend party cos it seems d little is ur girlfriend or sister talk straight pple will blame her cos such girl dey can’t invite her to night vigil and went but instead of u saying d right tin u’re blaming shit

  13. Even Children have their Children’s party..Her friend Tina, invited her to a party, according to the Story, 15 insane men raped a small girl, May God have Mercy on them.


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