486 Suspected Terrorists: Gov. Orji Dares Jigawa lawmakers

Theodore OrjiAngered by the alleged threat by the Jigawa State House of Assembly to drag Abia State Government to court over the arrest of their citizens among the 486 Boko Haram suspects intercepted by the army last Sunday in Abia, Gov. Theodore Orji has dared the lawmakers and warned them to stop trivialising security matters.

According to Orji, “Abia State government has not breached any law, so we are not afraid of any law suit coming from the Jigawa lawmakers or any other group”.

Orji, in a press statement issued yesterday in Umuahia, the state capital, reminded the lawmakers that the suspects were not arrested by the state government but vigilant security agents, and as such they have no grounds to drag the state into the fray.

The statement, which was signed by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Charles Ajunwa, implored the Jigawa lawmakers, the Arewa Consultative Forum, as well as some individuals and groups of northern extraction “trivialising the arrest of the 486 Boko Haram suspects in Abia, to channel their energies on things that will promote the unity of Nigeria not on things that will destroy the corporate existence of the country”.

The statement also warned against politicising the incident along religious and ethnic lines, dismissing the threat by the lawmakers as both “laughable and diversionary”.

It read in part: “Their utterances showed that they are lawbreakers and not lawmakers. Instead of the lawmakers to praise the Abia State government for providing the security agencies the enabling environment to discharge their constitutional duties they are busy chasing shadows.

“We challenge the Jigawa lawmakers to come to Abia to understudy how the robust synergy and relationship existing between the executive and state House of Assembly have ensured the atmosphere of peace and tranquility being experienced in the state today.

“These unpatriotic elements for no just cause have deliberately employed all kinds of guerrilla tactics to tarnish the good image of the Abia State government simply because it exposed, and alerted the nation including the international community of the arrest of 486 suspected Boko Haram members by a team of vigilant and gallant soldiers on routine patrol.

“As a responsible government, we want to state categorically that Abia State government had at no time ordered the arrest of the 486 Boko Haram suspects travelling in a convoy of 35 buses; instead, the suspects were arrested on the suspicion that occupants of the 35 buses were travelling at odd hours.

“The Nigerian security agencies have the capacity to do a thorough job at the end of the day; they need our cooperation at this moment not distractions from self-acclaimed ethnic bigots who never mean well for the nation”.


  1. Hey Dan or wat ever ur name is, what do u mean by ndi igbo release ur pple. Ur such a stupid nonentity, so u pple tink u can send boko haram to the east, well let’s notice any signs of dem here in Seast, then we knw. Instead u pple will be thinking on hw dis nation will grow better, ur there planning its downfall, u pple will definitly fall

  2. Dan for all ure an idiot in shot (I bu ewu) what are ur Alamajiri brothers looking or finding in another state by that time of an hour, do u have brain at all we are talking of 486 idiots. What have they come to do? Looking for job did Abia’s tell Jigawa government that we are looking for bunch of fools to come mumu. If u don’t knw wht to comment go and walk around wit ur cows mugu

  3. Why are this jigawa state are so stupid? You were cought on an act {trying to bokorise our eastern state} and you are there telling us to release your brothers, just try us and see, or Do you you people think that today is yesterday, we are fully ready for you people, just dare us idiotic bokoharam.

  4. Tnk u my igbo brothers,nd 2 u hausa pple,arn’t u pple ashame of ur selfs,hv u pple nt caused enough damage 2 nigeria nd d world itself,u pple should jst rest nd tell ur pple 2 stop waging war bcos they soon all DIE OFF

  5. Dan Jigawa…Ndigbo ain’t gona tolerate anytin lik BH in d East…U hausa people n ur islam religion re try to mek dis Nation Ungovernable…but Ndigbo we r ready for hausa peopl.

  6. Well well well….. I love my ndigbos we know dey slack at all nd I tink we shud start issuing boundary pass to dose wat eva dey re called aboki… If u guys like finish all ur brothers in d north but no cross boundary…


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