6 Crazy Things You Should Never Do To Get a Guy To Like You

article-2014615212103343833000We’re all guilty of doing some questionable things to get a guy’s attention, and it’s normal to want to make yourself stand out. However, there are some pretty crazy things that you should never do just to get a guy to like you. These are the top six!

1. Ditch your family and friends for him.
There is no hard and fast rule that your guy must get along with your family and friends. While it would be picture perfect if everyone likes each other and are BFF, real life isn’t always so easy. However, if you find yourself constantly having to choose between your inner circle and your boyfriend, or he says negative and hurtful things about them, he might be trying to pull you away. Just remember that a man who truly cares for you would never want you to ditch the people who love you, and you love, the most.

2. Make a huge life decision.
The only decision you should make in hopes of impressing a guy is what shoes to wear on your dates. Things like career choices, where you live or how you spend your money should be totally off limits until you’re well into a serious, committed relationship. If your crush is in med school a few hours away, this isn’t the time to make a career change to nursing, or move across the state to be closer to him. That is way too much, too soon. Oh and don’t go get a cute puppy just because your crush loves animals. My friend did that once and it totally freaked the guy out, obviously. Take it slow!

3. Alter your appearance.
Just because you’ve heard that your crush has a thing for blonde girls doesn’t mean you should reach for the bleach! From hair colors, to breast augmentation, there is no shortage of women willing to alter their looks to impress some dude. While there is nothing wrong with wanting your crush to find you physically attractive, changing your hair color or going under the knife in hopes of getting a boyfriend doesn’t guarantee he’ll like you. Instead of trying to fit into someone else’s definition of “perfect”, focus on being the best and hottest version of you! When you feel good, you look good-and that is sexier than long blonde hair or a huge chest. Not to mention, any guy who only dates women with certain physical qualities that he deems “perfect” doesn’t sound like someone risking your life for, now does it?

4. Sleeping with a guy simply to impress him is a huge mistake, simply because it never works. Sex isn’t all that impressive if you think about it, if he’s not getting it from you, he’ll get it somewhere else, so it’s not enough to keep a guy interested in you when the deed is done. If you have to resort to shagging it up to get a guy to like you in the first place, he’s probably not that invested, and you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. While there are plenty of couples who say that there is nothing wrong with having sex right away, it’s best to err on the side of caution and make sure there is more to it than just physical attraction. Sex shouldn’t be the level you connect on.

5. Act like a drunk crazy person all of the time.
We all know that alcohol is liquid courage, and I’m not immune from sipping on a glass of red before a date to “loosen up” occasionally. However, I wouldn’t say that there is anything impressive about getting completely wasted on a date with a guy you like, would you? Sure, you’re loose and relaxed, but you also run the risk of acting sloppy and uncontrollable. If you’re trying to show your guy how fun you are, remember that it’s also fun not to black out with a strange guy, and that waking up confused and embarrassed isn’t exactly confidence boosting. Partying happens, but in general, sip responsibly.

6. Try to bring a romantic comedy to life.

I have always said that if a guy showed up at my window in the wee hours of the morning with a boom box playing a sweet song (like in Say Anything), or flew to Portugal to propose to me in my native tongue (like in Love, Actually), I would swoon forever and marry him. But, that’s a total lie…I mean, my husband could barely call me back when we were dating, let alone propose to me in Spanish. But I’m fine with it, really! Even though those things are adorable to day-dream about, they would have sufficiently creeped me out, and it’s a good reminder that what works on the big screen doesn’t always translate well to real life. Big romantic gestures should wait until you’ve established some sort of solid relationship, or else you risk coming across as too overbearing and intense. So no showing up at his house in the early morning hours, no taking his mom out to lunch and just no surprises in general, as an overall rule.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get someone’s attention?

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