6 Most Annoying Things Newlywed Couples Do But Never Accept

article-2014617110541939259000Couples in love or newlywed couples can develop some habits that may not seem extraordinary to them, but can be annoying to others. The worst part is that you cannot talk to them about these annoying things because they will not admit to doing any of it! Yes, there is something about being in love that drives some insane. All the things that many people used to find ridiculous or disgusting, are the very same things that they start doing once they get into a relationship themselves. So, here are some of the most annoying things that newlyweds do, but don’t accept that they do!

#1. Can’t take their hands off each other There can be nothing more annoying than those couples who need to constantly demonstrate their love for each other by touching one another. It can be anything from wiping his mouth after he has been silly and got food stuck, to him leaning over to brush away the lock of hair falling on her face. What may seem sweet and romantic to them, might just irritate their friends in whose company the couples are getting “too couple-y” to handle! Dear couples, this is even more irritating for those friends of yours who are single or do not share such a demonstrative relation with their partner. So, hands off, we suggest!

#2. Matchmaking experts Now that they are in love, or married, couples feel that they have earned expertise in the relationship department! They take up matchmaking as a serious sport, and try to pair up their single friends in every chance they get. While this might seem a good idea to you to hang out with more couples. But, getting married doesn’t make you a relationship expert. What’s more? Your single friends don’t want a constant reminder of their ‘singlehood’ with your matchmaking efforts.

#3. Joint at the hip It seems that one can lose friends (or gain more) once they fall in love. They make it a point to treat all invitations as a couple invite and land up everywhere in pair! Unless the partner is really fun to get along with, tagging them along everywhere can prove to be annoying. Also, just because you are a couple now, doesn’t mean you don’t have your own friends circle. Your friends would certainly like to meet you alone, as an individual.

#4. Frequent declarations of love on social media If there is something that remains a mystery is, why a couple would feel the need to express love or appreciation for each other online? Do they not get time alone to tell these things to each other? Why announce it to the whole world? Even if you want to shout your love out to the world, do so, but limit it. There can be nothing more irritating than updates from couples filling up your Facebook wall, every day! You are married, you love each other, but not everyone is interested!

#5. Talking in the plural form There are four types of people who talk in the plural form “we” and can get away with it. They are- the media, royalty, expecting women, and couples in love! It can seem very annoying to hear a person speak constantly in the plural form as if by falling in love or getting married they have lost their own identity! Merging yourself in your relationship is one thing, but loosing yourself in that is another. What’s even more irritating is to have couples wish their friends with a “we” tagline, especially those who might not even know their friend’s significant other. While it is nice that the couple feels that they can speak as one on a topic, it would sound more real if they were to state it as their individual opinion rather than a team effort.

#6. PDA, literally! Some newlywed couples seem to go overboard with posting regular images of the two of them cuddling up. If you are going to share images of the two of you on a holiday, picturesque sceneries is what we are looking for, period. Anything that is of an intimate nature is best left unshared. And, same goes for the words too, whether you say or write something, keep those intimate details of your moments of togetherness to yourself. P.S.: Uploading 100s of pictures in one album from your every single wedding function or your honeymoon trip, is a strict NO-NO!

Yes, dear couples, you have found your soul mate, and your friends know that too. So, please do not display every emotion of your ‘togetherness’ publicly. Some moments are best when left unshared!

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