Abigail Fashanu Talks About Her Rumoured Marriage Breakup


Former model and beauty queen, Adaeze Yobo’s mother — Mra Abigail Fashanu, like we all know is married to former soccer star, John Fashanu; although rumors claim that they have gone their separate ways, this is what she told Encomium while denying the claims;

“People just like to fabricate lies probably because I am a quiet type. I don’t make noise all around. I concentrate on my work and home. Even as a professional, I still create time for my husband. We create time to be together so no gap exists between us. All I can say is that our enemies wish our marriage would crash. They can only wish, it won’t come to pass because we are meant for each other. They said the same thing about my daughter, Adaeze last year and she replied her adversaries. She was strong and overcame. If she can be strong against all odds in marriage, then I am a lioness.”

John Fashanu and Abigail were united as husband and wife via registry in Abuja in 2011. Fashanu, 51, has two children from former wife, Congolese beauty queen, Melissa Mapsi and another one from a previous relationship. His legal practitioner wife on the other hand at 47, has four children from her first marriage which ended in divorce 12 years ago