Actress Dakore Akande: ‘Nobody Stopped Me From Acting, I Took A Break Because……..’

dakore and fam
In a recent interview with Sunday Express, Nollywood actress and beautiful mum of two, Dakore Akande spoke about the real reasons why she took a break from acting…..
She said:


“That was a lie. People just cook up stories from nowhere and some other people will just believe them. They didn’t see me for a while and they started peddling rumors about me. I just had to take a break from acting. Something more important came along. I fell in love. I had to give more time to my relationship to make sure I nurtured it away from the public eyes as much as I could. I took an inadvertent break to focus on my relationship. Being a career woman is great and I was lucky to have some success at it. But at the end of the day, family and having a stable, happy home is more important to me and I knew that something would have to give in. At that time, it was my career that had to give in. Nobody told me to stop acting. Not my father-in-law, not my husband
And if she was asked to stop acting, what would she do?
“Of course I will. And that will be my husband. There will have to be a way he will go about that. Yes I will.”

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